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Here’s how to keep your blonde locks fresh this summer

blonde coloured hair

Coming out of a salon with a fresh 'do and silky blonde tresses is an unbeatable feeling.

But, as often happens during summertime, a week or two later your hair can be brassy or even green. A rather disappointing outcome, after you've just splurged to have your hair coloured.

In the lead up to summer, and its beaming sun, salt air and sandy swims, we spoke to an expert. Natalie Anne is a colourist and hair educator, and she told us everything we need to know about keeping blonde hair fresh in summer. Her main piece of advice? Always temperature control your heat tools.


What are the main things that can affect the colour and tone of blonde hair?

Fading is and has always been an issue in the Australian climate. UV rays can bleach out your locks over the summer months. Sea water can also dehydrate your hair and strip out your colour. Chlorine can also change your tone just after one dip!

Heat styling with an iron will strip out your colour if you don’t control the temperature try and keep your iron set at 185 degrees to avoid colour fading and heat damage.


Is it harder to keep your blonde colour fresh in summer?

It can be much harder considering all the factors I just mentioned (being out in the sun, swimming and heat styling), however with the right haircare routine you should be fine.

A good starting point is using a hair treatment like Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Treatment Mask , and follow up using your blonde care shampoo and conditioners too. Using a customised blonde care range is especially formulated to care for the delicate structure of blonde hair as well as nourish and repair the bonds of the hair structure to strengthen.

I would also recommend using a heat protectant with UV filters as a must have in your routine.


Is there anything we should try to avoid?

Definitely avoid any styling tools without a temperature control.


What's your advice on how to keep your colour fresher for longer?

Try using colour safe shampoos and conditioners, blondes should also use a sliver or purple shampoo once or twice a week. Try Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner.

Hydration is the key to keeping your cuticle happy, so wrap it up with a treatment once a week while you tan this summer.


What's a piece of haircare advice you wish more people knew?

You should shampoo your hair at least two times in the shower, most people only cleanse once.  The second shampoo is so important to deep cleanse and remove any product build up.

I also recommend towel drying excess moisture out of your hair before conditioner, so you don’t lose half your product down the drain.


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