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A Mad Max spinoff is coming and Anya Taylor-Joy is Furiosa


In January 2020 as the air filled with smog and the sun burned red, the dystopian future of George Miller's "Mad Max" no longer felt so out of reach. While things have certainly not improved over the course of the year climate-wise and everything-else-wise, we're happy to report that we're not living on an endless plane of desert just yet. What we are also happy to report, is that Miller is reportedly working on a Mad Max spinoff once again, and this time it will focus on the heroine that seems to do all the heavy lifting anyway: Furiosa.

The spinoff feature of Miller’s multi-Oscar winning blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road titled Furiosa is, as guessed by the title, reportedly about the formidable character originally played by Charlize Theron. She was essentially responsible for Max’s survival in the desert, and as claimed by Miller to Deadline, has a "deep backstory in the Mad Max universe" - one that we can't wait to see. For this iteration, which will stand alone, Furiosa will be played by Anya-Taylor Joy of Glass.

Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will star alongside Taylor-Joy, with Hemsworth presumably acting as the hulking beefcake that is Mad Max. Miller will pen the film alongside co-writer Nico Lathouris, and will produce it under his own production company, Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell, alongside oscar-nominated Doug Mitchell.

Considering the women did all of the leg work in Mad Max: Fury Road, it will be a treat to see Taylor-Joy and the character of Furiosa truly championed - and to finally find out how she got so. damn. rugged. in the first place.

While we can barely handle another ounce of chaos this year, Furiosa is one thing we can make an exception for.

There aren't reports of when said film will be out yet, but let's hope the world doesn't edge much closer to the scenario of the last live-action film while we wait, shall we?

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