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Would you buy a $109,000 Louis Vuitton tent?


You heard us! This year Louis Vuitton released a monogram tent to fullfil everyone's COVID-safe dreams which retails at $109,000. With all of our 2020 travel plans being utterly squashed by the takeover of COVID-19, we're all being forced to get creative with our ideas of holidaying, and just in time for summer, you can go glamorously bush with Louis Vuitton. Imagine rocking up at Coffs Harbour caravan park with this baby? The locals would surely be in for a treat.

The tent was reportedly, and unsurprisingly, designed by menswear designer Virgil Abloh who based the design off of the brands heritage monogram range. The tent comfortably sleeps two, and is printed on the interior with the brand’s Monogram Cloud print, seen as part of its autumn/winter 2020 menswear collection - an ode to sleeping under the sky. “Through the blue and white, cloudy interior, one is instantly transported on a surreal journey of overnight exploration, be it in a faraway land or in a snug corner of one’s garden,” said a press release on the tent.

In true tent form, the structure is waterproof (you'd hope so for $109,000!), which is great news for folks who may actually want to use it in and amongst the elements. It also folds neatly into the trunk it comes in, which is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Mirror Backpack Trunk, a piece that was showcased on the brand’s autumn/winter 2020 menswear runway.

With all of this information, the question remains: who is investing in a Louis Vuitton tent worth this much? At the price point of a small home deposit, you'd expect it's hero feature to be a little more than waterproof fabric and a cloudy interior. This being said, if you're in the market for a new tent and this iteration is calling your name, DM me, I'd like to know more...

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