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Cult film director John Waters is returning to moviemaking with a new project

john waters new film

Cult classic film director John Waters is making his return to filmmaking, embarking on his first production in almost 20 years. The legendary director is marking his return with an adaptation of his recently released novel, Liarmouth: A Feel Bad Romance, his first feature since Dirty Shame, released in 2004. 

What is the plot of John Waters new film?

Liarmouth: A Feel Bad Romance is described as a “funny, filthy tale of sex, crime and family dysfunction” and follows three generations of women in a single family, all plotting to kill one another. First we have Adora, who runs a plastic surgery vet for pets of the Upper East Side. Then comes her daughter, Marsha Sprinkle, a thief who holds the title of Liarmouth, followed by Marsha’s daughter, Poppy, who runs a trampoline park. Keeping up? It all sounds quite fantastic to us thus far. 

In a statement, Waters expressed his excitement at returning to the industry after a long absence. 

Liarmouth is the craziest thing I’ve written in a while so maybe it’s fitting that my novel was shocking enough to jumpstart the engine of my film career,” said Waters. “Thrilled to be back in the movie business, hopefully to spread demented joy to adventuresome moviegoers around the world.”

In typical Waters style, it is classically surreal, campy and kitsch, all the hallmarks of a Waters film. When looking back at his decorated filmography, of course the natural standout is 1972 film Pink Flamingos, starring iconic drag queen Divine as a criminal who is honoured to be the “filthiest person alive.” Alongside this, there is of course the original production of Hairspray, which led to the Broadway musical adaptation and early-2000s remake, and cult-1990s film, Cry Baby. 

Is there a release date for Liarmouth: A Feel Bad Romance?

A release date is still to be announced, with the announcement of the film still the news of the day. Waters is writing and directing the film, with Steve Rabineau producing. 

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