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Kevin Murphy

When it comes to haircare it stands to reason that chemicals aren't going to give you the shiny, "I'm a nature goddess" hair of your dreams. And yet most of us have no idea what is actually in the products we put on our scalp. Lucky KEVIN.MURPHY have thought it through for us.

KEVIN.MURPHY believe that natural is best. If it's come from the earth then surely it's what our strands want right?

Inspired by the finest ingredients that nature has to offer, KEVIN.MURPHY aims to give you high fashion runway looks with the added benefit of naturally beautiful, beneficial ingredients. Carefully selected vitamins and amino acids that help to repair and thicken the look of hair and restore damaged, split ends. Nourishing moisturising agents from Mango and Murumuru butter that help to smooth the cuticles and soften the hair from root to tip. Extracts from exotic ingredients including, Peruvian Bark, Baobab, Bamboo and Orange Blossom which impart weightless moisture. And a powerhouse of antioxidants from known natural sources such as, Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower and Desert Lime. These help to reduce breakage and assist in repairing the look and feel of chemically damaged hair.

What's even better than all that? KEVIN.MURPHY look for companies that use organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques. This means that all their products are of the highest quality and are also kind on the environment.

We want to give you the chance to try KEVIN.MURPHY products for yourself. To get yours for free simply subscribe, renew or extend your domestic Australian RUSSH subscription for $50 and you'll receive an KEVIN.MURPHY haircare pack worth $132*. Featuring the ANGEL.WASH shampoo, ANGEL.RINSE conditioner and the ANGEL.MASQUE treatment.

By subscribing you'll also receive four issues of RUSSH delivered straight to your door. Plus access to various unique offers and invites exclusive to RUSSH subscribers. But get in quick because we've only got 30 to giveaway and they won't last long.

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