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Kerby Jean-Raymond is Reebok’s new Creative Director

Kerby Reebok

The Kerby effect. Sportswear powerhouse Reebok today announced that Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss has been appointed as the new Global Creative Director.

A relationship helmed since 2017, Kerby Jean-Raymond was originally brought on to collaborate with Reebok to support the launch of a shoe called the DMX Fusion. In true form, Jean-Raymond instead created a series of collections and campaigns he truly believed in, incorporating the pieces into Pyer Moss runways.

Now, the collaboration has evolved to the next ultimate level, Kerby Jean-Raymond is no longer just a partner of Reebok, but the new Global Creative Director, or the ‘official’ title of Vice President, Creative Direction. Has a certain ring to it doesn’t it?

Taking to Instagram to announce, Jean-Raymond lightheartedly wrote:

“Every time an interviewer would ask me what else I’d want to be a creative director for I would never say, but in my head it was always a footwear brand. Gotta shake shit up a lil yuh know? Thank you @reebok. I haven’t had a job in 9 years, so please get me a lunch box.”

In this new role, Jean-Raymond will provide complete creative leadership across all design disciplines for Reebok. Never one to play by the rules, we’re excited to see the new direction this partnership will lead us in.

Kerby Jean-Raymond further adding, "I am thrilled to be evolving my role at Reebok and joining the leadership team as the head of Creative Direction. I welcome this opportunity to help invigorate the brand with new ideas, while also focusing on instilling a sense of social purpose into our work."

Reebok President, Matt O'Toole stated in a release, "Kerby is a fashion visionary with a bold approach who has established himself as a leader and a passionate activist. We are incredibly excited about the impact he will have on Reebok from a design and brand purpose perspective and for him to bring his unique voice and direction to the Reebok brand more broadly. This is certainly a big opportunity for both Reebok and for Kerby – he understands the value of our rich heritage and iconic silhouettes and how he can build on that and take Reebok in an exciting and evolved direction."

The first Reebok products under Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Creative Direction will be released staring 2022.

Stay tuned.


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