Is calcium build up damaging your hair? The new Kérastase Premiere collection could be the solution

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There's a lot to think about in the context of hair health: styling, heat processing, colouring, bleaching... But we seldom consider the impact of minerals in our water. The quality of water we expose ourselves to can actually have a lot of beauty implications. 'Hard' water — or water with a high mineral content – is quite literally the reason the French invented micelles and waterless cleansing methods.

Calcium in particular is a tricky one as it builds up, forming a coating that stiffens hair fibres and weakens their protein structure, leaving it dull or difficult to manage. Long-term, this leads to brittleness and hair breakage, two things I'd probably rather avoid.

The answer is decalcification ‚ a process whereby calcium deposits are removed from the hair shaft restoring bounce, hydration and health. You could fit your shower head with a filter, or you could just reach for the new Kérastase Première collection, an innovative product lineup designed to decalcify, bond repair and reconstruct damaged strands. Anything Kérastase is worth using in my opinion, but this particular collection not only counteracts the effects of hard water, but leaves the hair soft, weightless and shiny. Yes please. Our favourites, below.


Intensive Repairing Concentrate

This innovative pre-wash treatment contains 8% pure acids to purify the hair before you shampoo. Not only does it decalcify, but strengthens broken keratin links for hair that's bouncy, strong and lush. Work it into wet lengths and ends before applying the Premiere Shampoo directly on top (without rinsing).

Decalcifying Repairing Shampoo

This is such a nice shampoo to use. It's sulfate free, and contains glycine and citric acid to gently yet effectively cleanse the hair and scalp. Because it strengthens and rebuilds, it's a great choice for damaged, coloured or processed hair. I love the delicate foamy texture, too.

 Conditioner for Damaged Hair

This conditioner is a decalcifying, repairing and softening formula tailored for all types of damaged hair, that works to restore original elasticity while reviving moisture and fluidity in hair that has undergone over-processing or bleaching. 


Anti-Breakage Repairing Filler Mask


I love this mask. I have quite fine hair so struggle with treatments, but this formula rehydrates and softens without weighing things down. It decalcifies and forms a protective shield around strands, preventing breakage and future damage. Leave it in for five minutes before rinsing.

Intensive Repairing Serum

This lightweight leave-in treatment is formulated to repair all types of damaged hair from within, resulting in a glossy and supple appearance. I love the way it protects against heat damage and reduces frizz.

Intensive Shine Repairing Oil


If you want glassy shine, this is the one to reach for. This oil offers a dual-action approach: its concentration of reparative ingredients effectively seals split ends, strengthens hair fibres and significantly diminishes dullness often associated with damaged hair. Use it to smooth a sleek style, tame flyaways or add gloss to a fresh blow dry.


You can shop the complete Kérastase Première range on their website, now.

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