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Keep warm with the newest release from Stevan

He been called Australia’s answer to Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy, and with that sweet-as-honey voice, and music production skills to match, it’s no wonder 18-year-old Stevan is making waves across the country. His music is a gorgeous blend of 90s R'n'B and alternative beats; every song he releases an even further departure away from the restrictions of a specific genre - leaving you wondering how such a mature and understood musical sound could possibly come from such a young performer.

But it’s his latest release that is giving us all the nostalgic feels of summer. With a playful vintage touch, the visuals take you on a journey of giving an old dog a home, and a loving one at that. Add in the rich melodies of Stevan’s voice and mellow ambient guitar sounds, this song is bound to make you feel safe and warm.

A video about a boy and his dog? Count us in.