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Our music editor shares her favourite songs from June

Our music editor shares her favourites songs from June

Ah, how I dreamed that winter would be a time to slow down: early nights, slow cooked stews, wholesome walks, I was wrong. Much like everyone, it has been very busy, so my gems of June are now only reaching you in July. I’m sorry. But there are some real hits in here and some incredible archival numbers that deserve a special revisit.


Honeycrash, SASAMI

SASAMI is back with a little more pop polish than we’ve heard before whilst simultaneously channelling that ‘big 90’s rock’ sound in an anthemic chorus. The video has a suitable amount of wind machines for any woman who needs to play guitar on her knees.


R and D, Dom Sensitive

I like this, released through local indie label, Dinosaur City, driving gritty bass with distorted vocals that urge people not to quote Dostoevsky and say what they mean. Could this be a deep Go Betweens reference? Perhaps. Either way, interesting homegrown post punk.


Starvation, AURORA

Many people know AURORA from the viral interview they did where they listed her favourite things to do as painting, cooking, reading books and masturbating. However, the alt-pop artist should be just as known for their LGBTQ+ activism and climate change activism. Starvation is the latest, very dancy single, from their new album, What Happened to the Heart?



Call a Doctor, Girl and Girl

SUBPOP have a pretty impeccable history of signings, and Girl and Girl fit in well. There is surreal whimsy laced with introspective anxiety in this narrative single from the garage-rock four piece. I find the warbling tremor in the vocals particularly emotive and endearing.


Defect Woman, Sunny Morris

This song is very powerful recounting of Morris’ experience as a hearing impaired trans woman, however it has the power to speak to anyone who has experienced personal pain and felt less than. The production is classic but the song is clever, considered and twists a knife in a gorgeous way.


Treat Each Other Right, Jamie XX

This song has strange transitions and a really compelling visual world. If you want to dance and listen to something other than that record with the green cover and hundreds of memes, this is a contender.


Sexy to Someone, Clairo

Clairo is back and I’m sure many are very very happy about that, given that she said she wouldn’t make any more records. There is a timelessness to this lead single, it’s a little bit 70s but not too much. Clairo’s vocals add a sweetness to a carnal desire and tinge it with adolescent yearning.


Already Gone, Orion Sun

According to the artist, this song is about “that first night alone when your partner moves out and it's obvious nothing will ever be the same” so understandably there is a melancholic tone to the song, but there is also a relaxed resolve coming through in the vocals.


Tui Is A Bird, Jess Cornelius

I’m glad that there is another Jess Cornelius record.


Separate States, Gut Health

Gut Health are getting some traction and whilst getting more exposure, they seem to be getting more experimental, which is great. Most bands don’t do that. Brava.


Time for Slurp, King Krule

Just over two minutes of grungy pop. I don’t know what he is slurping.


Later, GIFT

It always seems lazy to call bands that nod to the 90’s dreamy, but there is an airiness and distance from earth in what GIFT do. There are nods to Spiritualized in GIFT, as this band seems to be one that floats on top of their own melodies. Their first record, Momentary Presence, was big, and this single suggests that their second will be too.


Last Time We Never Meet Again, Sarah Kinsley

Growing up in the world of classical music and coming to love pop music in her teenage years, Kinsley often tries to marry the two, so obviously there are beautiful strings. With John Congleton on production, Kinsley is giving us a bigger sound than her bedroom EPs.


Joker, Porches

For anyone who’s dog has runaway lately…


No More Lollipops, Peter Sardset

This song made me cry with laughter and I will be using it should someone irritate me. There will be no more lollipops for them.


Chanson sur ma drôle de vie, Véronique Sanson

This, by contrast, is an amazing French song from the past that deserves more love.


11:11, Buscabulla

I don’t do angel numbers but there is something fun in this track. The pain of domesticity in the video certainly relates to a woman who is about to move house and clean EVERYTHING.


Bells and Whistles, Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is back, so does that mean the tear stained pillows of my teens will also be back? Apparently he’s enlisted Cat Power for the forthcoming album, expect some pulling on heartstrings.


Don’t Shoot Me, Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows are a stupidly energising band who pull on serious references. Go see them live.


Blue Moon, NIKI

Some sweet, sad, alt-pop.


Push Up, Miss Kaninna

Proud Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, Kalkadoon and Yirendali woman, Miss Kaninna, is back. Having scored a sync on Heartbreak High, there are big things to come no doubt so better catch them at Queen’s City Ball with Heaps Gay.


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