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The best new beauty releases in July 2024

July is shaping up to be a banner month for beauty launches. Dr Lara Devgan launched into Mecca, CHANEL Beauty released an at-home peel inspired by clinical treatments, Vida Glow reformulated its best-selling pigmentation supplement and Dior reimagined Miss Dior into a silky oil-based body exfoliator. Soo much goodness, so little time to test. If you’re looking for a mid winter pick-me-up, want to browse what’s new, or need to fill a gap in your routine, I’ve compiled the best of the month below. Scroll on for RUSSH's July beauty favourites.


LoveByt Peppermint Botanical Toothpaste


If you love the idea of natural toothpaste but can’t find one that actually delivers a clean mouth feeling, LoveByt is the one. The Peppermint Botanical Toothpaste formulated with antiseptic and antifungal ingredients, while removing bacteria that’s related to gum disease and decay. It foams nicely, doesn’t run everywhere, and promises a super-fresh feeling afterwards.


Vida Glow Radiance Plus

Australian ingestible beauty giant Vida Glow recently relaunched its Radiance capsule, a formula that targets pigmentation and discolouration in the skin. The key ingredient called Mela-tech™ is a proprietary blend combining French maritime pine bark, artichoke extract and alpha lipoic acid that’s clinically proven to reduce dark spot intensity by 77% in two weeks. There’s a lot of noise in the ingestible beauty space but Vida Glow is a brand that’s investing heavily in research to promise results. If you’re dealing with melasma, sun damage or acne scarring, it’s worth looking into.


Kiehl's Calendula Skin-Soothing and Stabilizing Emulsion

Milky and nourishing, this light toner-serum hybrid calms redness, protects the barrier and restores moisture levels without feeling heavy or sticky. It's a great one for oily skin in place of a richer moisturiser.


Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Pressed Powder

This pressed power is lighter than air. It’s not heavy or cakey, but instead creates a super-sheer veil over the skin that reduces the look of shine while setting makeup. The closed case is very purse-friendly, as well.


Dr Lara Devgan Platinum Lip Plump

Dr. Lara Devgan is a board plastic certified plastic surgeon from New York whose topical product line has just launched into Mecca. The formulas have a cult following, but the lip plumper is especially buzzy. Unlike classic volumisers that trigger an inflammatory response to create a fuller effect, this uses ceramides, niacin (this is what causes the flushed look) and mixed weight hyaluronic acid to dial up size and softness. Within two minutes, you’ll notice a very obvious difference.


CHANEL Beauty Le Lift Pro Retexturising AHA Peel

Just in from Chanel, the Le Lift Pro Retexturising AHA Peel mimics the effects of an in-clinic treatment. With a 5% concentration of alpha hydroxy acids as well as enzymes, it sloughs off expired surface cells while encouraging the skin’s natural renewal cycle. It feels like silk, but works efficiently to restore smoothness and glow.


Manicurist Active Glow

If you’re into natural nails but want a little something, this treatment comes with a subtle raspberry tint to leave your nails pink, glossy and strong. It doesn’t chip, strengthens nails beds and the inclusion of AHAs helps with smoothing cuticles, as well.


Editions de Parfums By Frédéric Malle Fleur Mécanique Interior Diffuser

Home fragrance enthusiasts will adore this diffuser from Frédéric Malle. The device can be fitted with any scent (choose from icons like Jurassic Flower or Café Society), while the fan and dimmer can be altered so you get the intensity you want at the touch of a button.


Miss Dior Rose Scrub Body Oil

This scrub is a sensorial delight. It smells floral and sweet, while the almost-exclusively naturally-derived formula gently buffs and softens the skin. Despite it being a granular scrub, it’s suspended in an oil that leaves you free to skip moisturiser.


Lancôme Renergie H.C.F Triple Eye Serum

This new eye serum from Lancôme was developed off the back of the efficacy of the brand’s much-loved facial serum. The formula has three main active ingredients to firm, brighten and refresh the eyes: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C + niacinamide, plus Vitamin F and peptides. It’s light but creamy, instantly filling fine lines for easy concealer application while preventing signs of ageing long term.


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