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Welcome to the Jac + Jack bedwear range with Sheridan

Sheridan Jac + Jack

Introducing the bedding you'll want for spring.

Australian designer Jac + Jack has collaborated with Sheridan on the perfect bedwear sets for the new season. The collection features two statement quilt covers, a striped fitted sheet set and a European pillowcase. But this limited edition selection is no ordinary collection. The pieces focus on the use of premium, natural fibres, with Sheridan branching into hemp - a first for the brand.

Jacqueline Hunt and Lisa Dempsey of Jac + Jack collaborated with the head designers of Sheridan to create something contemporary, modern but most importantly, something that mirrors the way we dress from day to day.

We caught up with Jacqueline and Lisa ahead of the launch of their venture into the realm of bedwear. We asked them all about the new collection and their approach to styling the perfect, cosy bedroom.


Can you tell us a little bit about the collection?

The pieces are modern, but have a very relaxed feel to them, much like our clothes. They are designed to feel loved, lived in but to have a beautiful sense of style and quality. Sheridan was able to develop a new fabric for this collection which is hemp, sustainable and really easy to care for. The colours were selected from our spring 2020 colour palette which was inspired by a trip we did to New Mexico last year, we wanted the colours to feel very fresh but to work really easily in anyone’s bedroom. The idea was to create a stylish wardrobe for your bed.


Sheridan Jac + Jack


Do you have any particularly favourite pieces?

We are pretty in love with the colours of both sets and we really love the herringbone pattern of the Selvage quilt. The Braid quilt is made from hemp so that is special and a first for Sheridan, they developed it especially for this project.


Sheridan Jac + Jack

Why did you decide to branch into creating a home decor range?

Sheridan approached us and they are such a great Australian brand, how could you say no? We share many of the same core values. They have an incredible creative team and we just knew that together we could create something really special. It feels like a very natural evolution of what we do as a brand and an extension of our clothes.


Sheridan Jac + Jack


Why was Sheridan the brand you chose to collaborate with?

Sheridan is an iconic Australian brand who we admire, we love the history of the brand, the quality and how incredibly creative the team is. We felt absolutely honoured to work with the team on this project and that we could create something special with Sheridan. It was an amazing partnership and we clicked from the beginning, we think the end result is also pretty great and reflects the values of both brands.


Sheridan Jac + Jack

You've focused on natural fibres like hemp - why hemp in particular?

Hemp is a highly sustainable fibre and it was a first for Sheridan who developed it for us. Both Sheridan and Jac+ Jack have a responsible design ethos that ensures we make the best decisions we can for the planet, so both brands wanted to use something that fitted that ethos. Hemp has some cool characteristics, it’s stronger than cotton but softens after each wash, it takes colour beautifully, and is incredibly durable. It is a really high quality fabric and feels soft to touch.


What's your approach to styling a beautiful and cosy bedroom?

We have a minimal vibe so the bed is the hero. But as much as we are minimal we are all about layering and then layering some more. Mixing of colours and tones, we love tone on tone and adding surprising touches of interesting colours to create something new and inviting. As many pillows as possible and as many textures as possible, some silk, crisp cottons or cashmere. This would look amazing in a very pared back room.


Sheridan Jac + Jack

What are your home decor must-haves?

Pillows, throws and layers of sheets. You can never have too many in tonal and off shade colours.


Take a look at the campaign video below.

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