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What does a Hydrafacial actually do to your skin?


The pursuit of flawless, glass skin is an arduous one. One filled with clay masks, 12-step skincare routines, vitamin C serums, chemical peels and more. Most of these products and treatments are okay. They offer a passable iteration of the look we're trying to achieve. But every now and again there is one product that manage to blow the rest of out the water. The latest treatment to truly impress is the Hydrafacial. I tried it and the results were instantaneous and dramatic. Here is everything you need to know, first-hand if you're considering a Hydrafacial treatment.


What is a HydraFacial?

A Hydrafacial is a skincare system, a machine that can change the appearance of your skin in just 30 minutes.

The Hydrafacial tool is a pen-like contraption that blasts fluids onto your skin and then almost immediate vacuums them back up. This system allows products to penetrate deeply without overloading your skin. It also loosens any congestion and comedones and then removes them via the vacuum technology. The pen (called a Vortex Pen) is not one-size-fits-all either, you can customise the 'super serums' within the machine so that the Vortex Pen can deliver a tailored regime for you.

As for me, my skin doesn't like products with honey in them - so my therapist was able to change up the products and deliver something suited specifically to me and my needs.

According to Hydrafacial this is a "unique serum-enhanced procedure that uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, hydrate and bathe the skin in nourishing super serums, which can be personalised for different skin needs."

This is not a facial as you know it. This treatment is results driven and perfunctory. You won't be sitting under fluffy towels with incense burning in the back. A Hydrafacial is all about getting to work on your skin. In fact, my therapist described it like a "gym workout for the skin" - something you do regularly to keep everything working as it should and maintain overall health.


How does the HydraFacial machine work?

It all works through the Vortex Pen, the vacuum tech that Hydrafacial uses creates a literal kind of liquid vortex that pulls dirt from your skin and infuses it with serums full of skin-loving ingredients instead.

There are three stages to the treatment and the one device is equipped to manage each phase. There's a cleansing and peeling phase where the pen uses cleansing products and a medium suction to clean and prep the skin. The second phase is a deep clean, extract and hydrate phase - here is where the Hydrafacial machine does the bulk of its work. After the skin was prepped in the first stage, the pen now more easily remove and congestion, dirt and blocked pores from your skin. This stage finishes with a blast of hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate your complexion. Finally, the air pressure is reversed to infuse your skin with a range of super serums (which will be picked out by your therapist depending on your skin).

The tech in this three-step system helps all the products work more efficiently and effectively - so the results are better than if you just applied a cream yourself.


What does the HydraFacial machine do? And what are the results like?

There are a lot of mechanics here, but the end result is that your skin looks gosh-damn amazing.

You'll sit in either a reclining chair or on a bed depending on the salon you visit. Your therapist will then glide the pen over your face. You'll feel a lot sucking, a bit like a vacuum going over your skin. But there's no pain or discomfort.

The Hydrafacial machine has essentially the same steps as a regular facial: cleanse, extract and nourish. But thanks to the tech, it does these three more efficiently and with better results.

My skin was bright and glowing when I stepped out of the chair and looked in a mirror. I had zero redness. The congestion I get around my jaw and on my nose was all gone and the pores on my cheeks were visibly smaller. My complexion was so plumped and bouncy, it actually felt somewhat odd to touch my own face.

My new glow lasted about a week, but the improved smoothness lasted a lot longer. It was like years of built-up congestion has been literally sucked out of my skin. You can actually see this once you're done. The machine pumps all the dirty water and extractions into a little, clear canister. You can quite literally see the dirt and extracted build-ups floating in the water - gross, but oddly satisfying.


My new baby-face courtesy of Hydrafacial


Where can you get a Hydrafacial? And is it worth it?

There is no one particular place to go, the Hydrafacial system is available in many salons across Australia. You can see where your nearest one is at the Hydrafacial website.

The cost is about $175 - $200 and in my humble opinion, it's definitely worth it for the results you get. And it seems there are many who would agree with me. According to the Hydrafacial brand, 2.5 million treatments are performed every year.

I think it would definitely be worth getting one a month if you have a particular skin concerns that you wish to improve, like hyperpigmentation, acne or wrinkles. Personally, I love to have my skin in a condition that I do not feel compelled to cover it up with foundation, so you can be sure that I will be going back to get another of these very soon.


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Feature image: Hydrafacial