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Hugh Grant is discarding his rom-com stripes for horror… and the internet is living

A24 is well within its horror gameplay. With the induction of Talk to Me last year joining Midsommar, RUSSH-favoured Hereditary, Pearl, and even the campy Bodies Bodies Bodies, the genre has seen an advent boom with no signs of stopping. The newest contender? Heretic, featuring one Hugh Grant. You read that right. Rom-com King has swerved into the land of the macabre, and the world is eating out of his palm. Directed and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, Heretic will be brought to life by the same duo responsible for A Quiet Place. 

The film will follow the untimely demise of two female Christian missionaries who take refuge at the wrong house. Played by Sophie Thatcher and Chloe East, the two women become involuntary boarders in Grant's care. Belief is a potent drug. And Grant's character will use it to coax out the gruesome and fearful in the two protagonists, who will be left at a crossroads battling for their faith.

The world has already been in a flurry about this change of heart and rebrand. Don't believe us? Below, we take you through the best reactions that have cemented Grant's career move as an unprecedented success.




Where can I watch the trailer?

When will Heretic be released?

As for the release date, the film will drop in theaters on November 15th.


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