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Interiors brand House of Slim launch chapter two collection, Grandma’s Sunroom, inspired by the 1970s

house of slim grandma's sunroom

Interiors brand House of Slim have launched their latest collection, titled Grandma’s Sunroom, bringing the history of their grandparents into the present. Under the creative direction of Holly Chippindale, the collection is inspired by the nostalgia of the 1970s and retro motifs. 

Grandma’s Sunroom is an ode to past and present, evoking a sense of the old with contemporary imagination. It is inspired by a timeless style, and takes inspiration from a slew of vintage accents – like the bold vintage wallpaper of rooms you weren’t allowed into as a child. The collection also features the brand’s new elements, A Grade Teak and Corduroy, alongside its signature Crema Marble. 

A particularly highlight of the release is the Bibi Chair, a neutral-hued piece that seamlessly fits into any current decor aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s-70s telephone chair, it merges curves, shape and retro carving details unlike other seats on the market. While simple in appearance, there is an elevated level of detail that is apparent in its make from being crafted from the highest quality Teak sourced in Indonesia to its alight matte finish.


Complementary to the Bibi Chair is the Farrah Coffee Table, featuring statement table legs that provide an inherently House of Slim quality to its design. Also crafted in A Grade Teak – sustainably sourced, inline with the ethos of the brand – it embodies the 1970s inspiration that has motivated the collection. Add a stack of your favourite new books, a pair of aviators and a Fleetwood Mac vinyl to its tabletop, and your vintage immersion is complete. It is one we firmly have our eyes on. 

house of slim grandma's sunroomOf course, House of Slim have always been known for crafting considered, refined pieces, and Grandma’s Sunroom is no different. While they reference the past, they have been crafted in a way that allows each piece to remain timeless and applicable to those who aren’t looking for an overtly retrospective piece of furniture in their homes. Each piece is designed to be an investment, becoming a treasured heirloom in living spaces. 

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