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Gabbriette and The 1975’s Matty Healy are engaged – and these are the bridal fits we’d style her in

Gabbriette and The 1975's Matty Healy are engaged – and these are the bridal fits we'd style her in

Gabbriette has been iconic long before she got herself a rock star boyfriend in The 1975's Matty Healy – and now that they're officially engaged, we're ready for her icon status to cement itself through some incredibly chic (potentially gothic-inspired?) wedding attire.

She's got a very specific and recognisable style, one that's pioneering the resurgence of 90s Goth-girl aesthetics has made her an "it" girl so bonafide that Charli XCX even name-dropped her in 365 ("Call me Gabbriette, you're so inspired" – talk about influence).

Of course, we expect Gabbriette's bridal wardrobe to be a slightly grungier take on the classic wedding whites – or at least some understated edge that keeps its distance from the 'clean girl' aesthetic of slicked-back buns and no-makeup makeup. And while we are, in fact, not Gabbriette's stylists, we have some thoughts on which new and archival runway pieces we'd love to see her team pull for her engagement, ceremony and reception – perhaps even some looks for the honeymoon? And of course, we just simply had to share ...


The engagement party

Gabbriette isn't afraid of a statement piece, of sparkles or a little skin, so we think something slinky, a little sultry and archival would be perfect for her engagement party. This John Galliano Autumn Winter 1997 collection silver dress (donned by Milla Jovovich at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival) is of course a front-runner in our minds – as is this Calvin Klein slip from their Spring Summer 1995 collection.


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The ceremony

We have a few ideas in mind for Gabbriette's ceremony dress – and is there any dress more Pinterest-ed than this Fanny Liautard 2012 Bridal and Evening Collection gown? It's the ethereal, traditional route we could potentially see her taking – otherwise we see the pendulum swinging toward something a little more 90s grunge, like this Kate Moss-donned Versace 1995 mini and veil.


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The reception

While many brides opt to remain in their ceremony attire for the reception, many are now taking the chance to do one final outfit change into something a little more dance-floor friendly. We see Gabbriette taking this opportunity too – and again we'd love to see her take it up a notch in archival Katharine Hamnett Spring Summer 1991. Or perhaps something a little more contemporary and sleek, returning to her Marc Jacobs roots with this Fall 2020 top skirt (and gloves, perhaps?).

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