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Françoise Hardy was the original French fashion muse – here’s a look at her best style moments over the years

In the pop star machine, Françoise Hardy was someone whose work and voice transcended years of work. She was untouchable in her own right. Enigmatic, unforgettable – both on the stage, and off it.

On June 11, 2024 at 80, she has passed after battling lymphatic cancer over the years, leaving a legacy of fashion and music in memoriam. A rock-and-roll Chanson muse with her finger firmly on the yé-yé French ballads of the mid-century, Hardy was a master of soulful crooning. Tous les garçons et les filles, her crowning hit broke over 2.5 million units of sales. She donned Yves Saint Laurent, Rabanne, and revolutionised the French-fille aesthetic, melding knits and leather with interchangeability. She was responsible for the naming of Comme des Garçons. Yes, Rei Kawakubo named her eponymous label after a Hardy song.

We have Hardy to thank in so many realms. In her wake, we've assembled some of her most delicious style moments.


A headscarf for any occasion.

In all her rock-star finery. Comment te dire adieu.


Our winter style muse.


A fur-trimmed shearling is necessary for the Parisian drafts.


Motomami chic.


A trench is a mainstay. Can you see why?


On anyone else it might look a little top Hamburglar. On Hardy, it's effortless.


A little double-denim for the tour.


A cropped leather jacket is a look we'll be returning to.


This mustard yellow set with red piping is all we can think about. It's all boardroom.


Certifiably a rockstar.


We'll duplicate the same look and airy disaffectedness next time we're at Cafe Freda's.


Wire-rimmed. So bad it's good.


The peter pan collars, adore.


A scarlet letter cardigan for the wintry days to come.


C'est Americain. This cow-boy inspired look is perfect for the road.


We need our own scooter-inspired getup.


This Rabanne look is serious. A RUSSH Fashion muse until the end of time.


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