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Alexa Demie is finally returning to our screens…

The birds are warbling. The valleys ahead are plentiful, and green. The wait is finally over. Alexa Demie will be gracing our screens yet again in the new HBO series, Fantasmas, after a self-led hiatus from the acting world. In a post-Euphoria timeline where her costars Zendaya, Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweeney have gone on to snagging role after role, the mystery behind why Demie had chosen a path of relative lull out of the limelight had persisted. Now, Demie is returning, and in vintage John Galliano, no less.

Demie has officially been spotted in a trailer for the latest episode of Fantasmas. In the comedy series starring and created by Julio Torres, she appears as straight-edged insurance officer Becca, who's wielding the phone (and that little bob) with a severity that only comes from Alexa Demie. In the teaser video, she's a self-proclaimed  "soldier for the company, a defender of the rules." She's clacking away on her laptop, and pacifying agitated clients with a self-knowing smile. She's terse and unhelpful. She's absolutely everything.

To situate you before her full return, we take you on a little recap of everything to know about her upcoming show.



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What is Fantasmas about?

A quest in the hidden grooves of New York City. Torres is in heated pursuit of a golden oyster earring, and encounters a whole medley of curious souls along the way. They either aid and abet his search, or do everything in their power to derail it.

Who else is starring in Fantasmas?

The cast is as star-studded as they come. Apart from Demie, Ziwe, Emma Stone, Amy Bryant and Kim Petras will all be making an appearance. We will be waiting to see how they collide head-on in this new series.

Where can I access the full trailer?

You can watch the full clip below.


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