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8 evening self care rituals to help wake up refreshed every day

Self care rituals

It's not easy trying to incorporate self care into your routine when you're not used to making time for yourself. And I am speaking from experience. I routinely write about the importance of self care, and I'm often the person least likely to follow my own advice.

So, what to do when you don't have the time? Of course there are a few work arounds. I find adding a couple of extra (and quick) steps to my evening routine can help me squeeze in the self care I haven't had time for during the day. Without further ado - if you're lacking in time but also a little self TLC, here are some evening rituals that will help. You'll get better quality sleep and wake up refreshed, every day.


Give yourself an overnight facial with a sleeping mask

This Korean beauty step is an underrated one. If you're someone that doesn't have time to work a face mask into their routine, why not try an overnight mask? They' re designed to work their magic while you sleep. Some of my personal favourites the are Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Glow Recipe's Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask and innisfree's Green Tea Sleeping Mask. These will all give your skin a shot of hydration while you rest.


Take a break from blue light

We've written before about how blue light damages your skin. And since your phone emits a tonne of blue light, it's not the best thing to have in your face right before bed. Plus, blue light can disturb your circadian rhythms and lead to bad quality sleep. Give your eyes and your skin a break from your phone for an hour before sleep. Your body will thank you.


Protect your hair overnight

Who has time to blow dry, straighten or curl their hair every day?  Not me. Especially since a blow dry barely lasts a day on my curly, frizz-ball head. But using a silk turban or investing in a silk pillowcase can help minimise frizz and preserve your style for longer. It also helps prevent breakage and is generally kinder to your hair. Options like Damn Gina's Silk Hair Turban are great, but for me, I use the mulberry silk pillowcases from Sheridan.


Use a lip treatment in your nightly skincare routine

This is one that I personally have only just started. My 10-step skincare routine for some reason never included lip products. After waking with a cracked lip, I decided it was time to start and I can't deny it's made a big difference. Look for products like By Terry Baume de Rose or Rawkanvas Luscious Conditioning Lip Treatment.


Treat your hair

I love hair masks but when when every minute counts in the morning, sometimes it's hard to include them in my hair wash routine. So overnight mask options are a god send. The first overnight hair mask I ever tried is still one my favourites - Percy & Reed's Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery. I like it because it relaxes my curls and give the effect of a soft blow-dry. IGK Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask and Daily Naturals Leave In Masque are also great.


Add tanning drops or face tan water to your night routine

I love love love face tan water. It's a get-out-of-jail-free card if you're someone like me that hates foundation but loved exfoliating acids. My face is routinely three to four shades lighter than my body. So slipping a little bit of face tan water into my night time skincare is an easy way to even out my complexion.


Finish your nightly skincare with a face roller

Face rollers are something that many people choose to use in the morning to depuff and sculpt. I would argue that they're better use in the evenings. Once you've used all your lovely serums, doing a quick roll or a little bit of gua sha can help your products penetrate more deeply and get to work in the lower layers of your skin - which means your expensive serums will work more effectively.


Sign out with a book or use an app like Calm

The key to good quality and restful sleep is making sure your mind isn't running a thousand miles a minute. After an intense day, it's not easy to just switch off. Sometimes we need a little bit of help. Using an app like Calm or even just reading a book for 10 minutes is an easy way to quiet your brain. You'll be better sleep and feel far more refreshed in the morning.

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