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The homewares on the ‘RUSSH’ editors’ minds in June

The RUSSH team have been chatting about all things interiors of late. We are on a collective quest to make our house a home. From rugs and furniture to vintage pieces and candles; come on in and take a look at the homewares we are fawning over right now. Don't worry, you can leave your shoes on.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

CLO Studios’ latest furniture collection, Choux, includes their new Mariachi Chair, which is the most perfect rounded, plush dining chair upholstered in a cinnamon-hued fabric. It reminds me of a hot and dry European summer – as does Dinosaur Designs’ new Chalk Homewares range, which feel like wave-worn pebbles from your favourite Mediterranean beach walk. Of course, Our Place’s shiny new titanium range has been at the back of my mind for weeks (I have a growing penchant for stainless steel homewares at the moment). And most notably, I’m simply in love with Armadillo’s Agra rug in Artichoke – have you ever seen a more perfect colour? It’s a rhetorical question – the answer is of course you haven’t. It’s deep-pile, hand-knotted from luxurious abrash-dyed wool, and there’s nothing I’d rather sink my toes into.


Phoebe Holden


I have been looking for a water jug to keep on my bedside table and I love this Rock Jug by Dinosaur Designs. These candle holders are also on the list, and I need to replace my Diptyque Jasmin and Rose candles - these are my favourite home scents, so good when paired together. I like to host friends for dinner and we are in desperate need of a good serving bowl, this one from Royal Doulton has been on my mind - simple but perfect. I am obsessed with pyjamas and recently came across Damson Madder who have the most amazing collection, very excited to say I just ordered this set, so chic I’ll probably wear them out of the house too.


Stacey Gaskin

Consumer Revenue Manager

I have two rooms in my house that I am focusing on at the moment – the dining room and the first spare bedroom. Firstly, I very recently purchased this 6 seater dining table from Lifely and it arrived yesterday! Now that I have the table, I need to find the right tid bits to dress it for dinner parties and the like. These napkins from Hommey are on the list, as well as this linen table cloth from Cultiver. I have a thing for green homewares and I think I have to pull the trigger on this stunning vintage Japanese vase currently on Bazaa. I imagine a few pink tulips in this vase and swoon.

Speaking of green, I’ve had my eye on this queen bed from RJ Living for our first spare bedroom – I love the profile and character of it. 

Lastly, my Kyoto in Bloom Glasshouse candle is running dangerously low so I will need to restock asap.


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

I’m cold, I want a Dyson heater. I’m going to get the Hot+Cool Purifier which is conveniently on sale at the moment. It’s also incredibly energy efficient which is super important with the current price of electricity. In the same vein, I think the time is right for a new hot water bottle and I will be dreaming about this Burberry iteration. I’m also desperate for these candle sticks, I think they’re so chic. And I will also be taking full advantage of the Le Creuset sale and upgrading my breakfast routine with new egg cups and a new mug set in the new rhone colourway.


Alys Hale

Music Editor

There is nothing like travelling to make you appreciate your own home and bed, however cold it may be in this sharp Sydney winter. I am seeking to hibernate in some new bedsheets and do the mid-year house zhuzh, so keep oscillating between these earthy warm cedar linen ones from Cultiver, or a ridiculously femme pink silk set. I probably need both. As my journey to become the ever perfect host continues, I’m looking to upgrade my drinks service, so I'll be seeking out this Waterford Mixology Mixer set. My guests deserve it. They will preferably be served from the Irish Lace Martini Glasses because they are just ridiculously beautiful. I also am craving new dining chairs as my OG Mid Century Modern ones are often noisier than the conversation at the table. Budget permitting it would be the C36 Chair, but seeing as I would like 6, these Filiberto numbers could be just the ticket.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaigns Manager

My puppy (not a puppy she is now 4 and has overtaken my age in dog years) has invaded every inch of my space. Not complaining, but it does warrant a little refresh since now its two of us sleeping in my sheets, sitting on my lounge, climbing on my chairs etc. Even though she has 2 beds of her own, I think its time she gets a third so that comfort is only a couple of steps away. This Hommey option is a chic colour and different style to her others; variety is the spice of life! I’m in desperate need of a new office chair, as said puppy has chewed the underlining off of my current one and it is also probably nearing 10 years old. Trying to decide between comfort or ergonomics, but with this option I can get both

I’m not much of a chef but I recently made a really killer pad see ew thanks to Nagi at Recipe Tin Eats. Unfortunately though, due to my novice status, I accidentally burnt some of the sauce into the wok I was using and now its looking… dire. I was in need of a new wok anyway (I tell myself). And because I like to enter dream land every once and a while, I’d love a new sofa and this MCM House option is just calling my name (it’s the Elio sofa so I hope you get the reference).


Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor In Chief

Buying coffee everyday has quickly proven to be quite expensive- adding up the amount I buy. And surprisingly i don’t have a coffee mug to bring in my own coffee or even give to cafes to save a few extra cents if I do get a coffee. Which leads me to my next purchase, a glass keep cup mug (of course with the yellow lid). And still in my filthy martini era, I need, and must buy some martini glasses. There are only so many times you can serve one in a cup… and since these Waterford glasses have gone on sale, it’s a certain purchase for me. And while I don’t need another book, i saw Coco Mellors new one ‘Blue Sisters’ and as I am currently reading ‘Cleopatra and Frankenstein,’ I know that will be my next read. Also as Sydney has been bitterly cold at the moment, I would love a new robe to get cosy in while i read and sip on my martini, particularly the Hommey robe.


Emily Algar

Beauty Editor

I’m in the very early stages of renovating my apartment, so there’s many open tabs on my computer filled with homewares. Instead of a classic dining table we’re building a nook, one half will be a bench seat and I love this one from MCM house. I’m really drawn to the softness of this MCM bedhead, too. Family friends gifted us a beautiful set of R&D Collection Highclere Wine Glasses as a housewarming, and I’d love the matching Champagne flutes. I need sheer curtains. I’ve been chasing something with a small hem and invisible loop, much like these from Cultiver Goods. As for soft furnishings, I need fresh towels! I love the crispness of white but they’re so hard to keep pristine (this drives me crazy). This denim blue colourway feels like a really nice compromise. Finally, this vase from Dinosaur Designs. The colour is incredible, and I love the organic shape. Weirdly I have no issue with pops of colour in my home; polar opposite to the way I feel about my wardrobe…


Mega Nolan

Marketing Manager

I’m in the process of hunting for a new apartment which makes buying all of the beautiful yet superfluous homewares difficult. I’m therefore opting for practical pieces this month that feel less fun, but necessary.

Firstly a new quilt cover. I’ve been wanting something bright that makes a statement, but my Instagram algorithm has had other ideas. This  has somehow wiggled its way into my heart - I think we’re blaming it on too much Bridgerton of late, but I’m here for it. Who said white bedding had to be boring?

I have been in desperate need of a new drink bottle and Frank Green’s new colours have caught my eye. The bright red was originally calling my name but this really deep chocolate colour might be a fun change for winter instead. I’ve also been putting off purchasing a white silk pillowcase so we’re taking the plunge and going for this ShhSilk one.

Last but not least is my splurge item, a record player. I don’t have a single record and no need whatsoever for a record player but I’ve always wanted one. I’m currently deciding between this fun briefcase style one which has a pop of red (my favourite), or a classic black one.


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