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Come home with the ‘RUSSH’ editors: the homewares we can’t live without in July

The RUSSH office is never short of conversations on homewares and all things interiors, so we wanted to let you in on what homey treats we are eyeing off this month. While some items may stay on our wishlist for now, there are pieces we must bring home with us immediately. So, come on in and take a look around – mi casa es su casa.


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

I hate overhead lights and prefer lamps and candles - so I tend to go through my candles quite quickly. I really want a top-up of my favourite Trudon candle called Mary. And, I want another candle holder. Yes, another. I bought a set of wavy candle sticks last month but I found this gorgeous marble candle holder from House Of 9 Home. I want it for the bathroom. I cook a lot, so when I saw that Kitchenaid now has cordless appliances I was immediately sold. The cordless handmixer is at the absolute top of my wishlist. In a similar vein, I’m in desperate need of new tea towels as my current ones are so ratty. I love these green Hommey ones. I also need new Seed & Sprout brush heads. Finally, I’ve been eyeing off this Rachel Saunders sculpture from Bed Threads.


Phoebe Holden


I recently purchased a pile of Hommey bedding to tag team washing day with our beloved set from Sutram. My partner has said on multiple occasions how much he loves the feel so I think I’ll pay them another visit when we are ready to invest in a few display cushions for our living area. Currently I’m torn between natural and velvet (maybe we need both?). I have been trying and failing to find a vintage Persian rug on Facebook Marketplace for months and I am now toying with the idea of pivoting to a cocoa toned piece that matches our bedding. This Knots Rug by MCM House in Chestnut wool looks right up my alley, unfortunately my cats too. I am totally obsessed with all things HAY, I use these colourful crates for storing various kitchen items and definitely need a few more, while I’m at it I should cross the PC Portable Light off my list as it has been on there forever.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

RUSSH best homewares

I’m never not homewares obsessed, and this month I’m stuck on RJ Living’s Sentrum Side Table (which is on sale until the end of today, 9 July)!). It comes in some gorgeous colourways (loving the Dusty Green and Burnt Orange), and would be a perfect, minimalist vessel for my bedside lamp and reading material – like Ellie Boudhana’s new cookbook, which was recently gifted to me and that I am reading like a novel. Kitchen-wise I’m in love with Service Project’s The Arlo, a stainless steel cup, saucer and spoon I spotted at a recent visit to Chinatown Country Club. And I’ve been dreaming of owning a KitchenAid Stand Mixer forever, and have been contemplating whether or not to make the leap. Especially now that I know they make an Ice Cream Bowl Attachment!


Stacey Gaskin

Consumer Revenue Manager

I love homewares. I could spend hours on pinterest looking at inspo for my dream home set up. I thoroughly enjoy how personal a journey is in collecting pieces to fit into one's household. Sometimes it can be a hard task, but that’s all in the fun of putting a beautiful jigsaw of homewares and interiors together. I have been fawning over this Faroe rug from Armadillo, as well as the outdoor Joncols pieces from RJ Living.

Art has been on my mind in general of late, and this ‘SOHN’ print by JAI is breathtaking. I could imagine it on any number of walls in my home.

The last item I would love to welcome home is a set of 4 of these sweet dinner plates from No.22. A need more than a want…


Karen Leong

Digital Writer

RUSSH best homewares

In honour of my cancer moon, I’ve been staying home in the off-shore seasons where Sydney seems to be a little quieter and my home all the more enticing. My eye has snagged on these gorgeous floral placemats from BedThreads for my piping hot beverages. On a practical note, I just need an extra bed throw before the winter claims us all. 

For my morning brew on office days, I’m after a keep cup for portability and to (hopefully) purge me from any more unnecessary coffee purchases. For all my soup experimentation, a nice shiny crockpot should keep all trials - and non-stick safety measures on lock. Finally, since I’ve been ducking into the shower more and more, an absorbent bath mat from HOMMEY for a luxurious feel when I’ve been scrubbed clean. Home is where my heart is, indeed.


Hannah Cooper

Executive Fashion Director

Books are also classified as homewares and I will not be told any differently. This new release by Rizzoli, Collecting Fashion, looks so incredible. I’ve long been a fan of Alex Carl, and can’t wait to dive through Michele Lamy’s Comme Des Garcons collection. That being said, my book collection is getting slightly out of hand and I am thinking I should probably add this Kartell shelving from Space Furniture for a few special books. I already have the matching storage units so they will make sense in my living room. 

I have an all grey bedroom usually, including lamps and bed linens but there is something about this blanket by Jil Sander that really has me rethinking this set up. Or maybe I just add it to the bottom of the bed in winter? 

My kids have destroyed my living room rug too so I’m in the market. I have loved Cold Picnic rugs ever since I saw them years ago in the iconic NY store, Coming Soon New York, and am thinking of taking the plunge now. I can’t decide between Delicate Matters, or the classic From The Ferry, I love the neutral colour base with the fun pops. 

Lastly, I LOVE a tablescape and am constantly adding to my collection of crockery, silverware and general table paraphenalia. A recent trip to Venice has me very inspired and these Venetian glasses from 1stDibs have been added to the birthday wish list.


Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor In Chief

I’m on the fence with a yellow bed sheet and quilt cover, whether I do that and have white pillow or vice versa. But if i was to get a yellow sheet i think these linen baby yellow ones are the ones. And before you turn it away the Loewe Tomato leaf candle is like nothing you have smelt before, and I think it’s time I fully invested in it with the candle. I have also been in a little bit of a Burberry fascination stage, and being winter I would like a really cute Burberry wool hot water bottle cover. Is it a need? No. But it is a want, and I think it’s all about enjoying the small things in life, and this is one of them.


Alys Hale

Music Editor

I have been telling anyone who will listen that I’m moving house because I am genuinely ridiculously excited to build a new space. I would love a simple, timeless bed base for guests that can be updated with coloured bed sheets to match my visitors aesthetic and this oak one from RJ Living is just that. There is something quite seductive about this blue linen from Cultiver and we are in desperate need of a new bath mat (don’t self bleach hair in your own bathroom). Music is the most important thing in our house and I still lust after this Bang and Olufsen speaker which looks like a futuristic book, and whilst I can never replace my turntable as it was a gift, if I were to win the lottery, this would be a pretty silly purchase. Oh, and a crystal bud vase, so my roses can drink as well as my guests.


Megan Nolan

Marketing Manager

I’ve finally hit a point in my life where I think I know my style well enough to commit to big ticket items. Goodbye IKEA bed frame, hello bed of my dreams.

I’ve had my heart set on the Sarah Ellison Yoko bed since it was launched and it’s definitely at the forefront of my mind this month. A classic black oversized full length mirror from MCM House is also something I’ve been lusting over for years, as is a new statement couch. Vintage marketplace, Bazaa has some really cool pieces like this incredible green sofa

Some homewares to round it out - an orange mushroom lamp to add ambience (big lights are evil), and I’m going to splurge on a new piece of art from Australian artist Stacey Rees.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaigns Manager

This month, since it's such a dreary and sad month in Aus, I think it’s time for me to indulge in some more fun / whimsical homewares to bring joy amongst the gloom. Such items that have the capacity to make me smile just by looking at them include this super cute water jug by Rainybb, I love the organic shape of it. Similar to Meg, I think I also need a cute little lamp, and this bubblegum and green one is just adorable. On a more serious note, some actual real life Adult things that I should own but don’t include chic champagne glasses. I was inspired by our latest YSL Beauty event where these iconic Waterford coupes were used to serve some pink bubbly, and I haven’t got them out of my head since. I also don’t own a steamer (which may be obvious by the state of my shirts sometimes) and I think its high time I step into adulthood and buy one (I’m 26…).



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