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Sick of blowdrying? The new Dyson Airstrait might change your life

The way Dyson has modernised hair styling is admirable. The Supersonic changed the blow-drying game, while the Airwrap inspired a generation of voluminous waves and side-swept bangs. And now, we have the Dyson Airstrait.

The Airstrait is a straightener-dryer hybrid, and despite appearances, it's quite different to anything else on the market. Like all Dyson products, it's innovative, guided by tech and designed to make styling at home actually easy. But what is the Airstrait, and how does it work? Is it here to take the place of the much-loved Airwrap? All your burning questions, answered below.


What is the Dyson Airstrait?

The Airstrait is a wet to dry styler that uses focused airflow to achieve a smooth, shiny finish in all hair types. The device resembles a traditional straightener, but instead of hot plates, it's designed with a blow drying mechanism. The arms are actually fitted with apertures that create a single jet of air, and when the tool is placed around the hair, the downward force pushes water along each strand, resetting the hydrogen bonds that give hair its shape. The result is a natural-but-straight finish, with very minimal heat damage. In fact, the Airstrait uses a technology that detects when the device is either close to the scalp or not in use, adjusting the temperature or turning off completely.


How is the Airstrait different to the Corrale?

The key difference between the two is that the Airstrait uses airflow to style, while the Corrale has a copper hot plate. The Airstrait can be used on wet hair to create a natural, voluminous look, while the Corrale affords more control for a super sleek finish (but you'll still need to blow dry first). The Corrale can also be used to create waves and bends.

Think of the Corrale as more your traditional hair straightener (a Dyson version, but you know what we mean) and the Airstrait a next-gen smoothing blow dryer. There's definitely space for both in your routine, should you fancy, or you could just choose one based on your hair type and styling preferences.


Who is the Airstrait for?

One of the greatest features of the Airstrait is the fact it's suitable for every hair type, ranging from fine straight hair to those with curls and coils. Because it minimises damage, it's actually a really effective way to relax tight curls without causing frizz or over-drying. It's also powerful enough to smooth things over in just a few passes.


How do I use the Dyson Airstrait?

The Airstrait is best used on wet, just washed-hair. You could dry off with the Supersonic first, or you can snap the device closed, and use it to rough dry before you style (very, very smart indeed). Once your hair is about 50% dry, section it into pieces and run the Airstrait slowly over each from root to tip. Depending on how thick or coarse your hair is – alongside your desired finish – it should take two to four passes to achieve a smooth finish. Styling might never be the same again?!


How much is the Airstrait and where can I buy it?

It retails for  $749 and can be purchased from Dyson's website. It's not yet available via retailers like Mecca and Adore Beauty, but watch this space.


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Images: Courtesy of Dyson

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