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DROOL presents Down

“If you want to keep me down, work it out.”

Down is the emotive first release of a trilogy of tracks from DROOL, the conceptual music project with filmmaker, photographer and artist Cara Stricker at its creative centre. Shot in Berlin and directed by Stricker, Down takes flight across a post-apocalyptic landscape, the only humans in sight a group of artists banding together against a snow-covered backdrop. “I wanted the sound to be very cinematic evoked by the duality of a new kind of humanity. I’m inspired by what role love plays in this artificial approaching nature. It’s in this destruction there is a rebirth headed toward a dark hopeful future,” explains Stricker.

In line with the core ethos of DROOL, the video for Down brought together a likeminded creative ensemble including digital artist Anton Woll Söder, samples by BOT, drums by Kate Levitt alongside Stricker’s vocals and production.