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Davide Sorrenti’s most personal photographs are now immortalised in print


Another tribute to add to the growing retrospectives dedicated to Davide Sorrenti. Over two decades since the late photographers death, the Sorrenti family finally opened up about his life - cut short by a rare blood disease - and his prolific work that shaped the 90s heroin-chic movement. Now, after a book, a documentary, and an exhibition, a new compilation of his work has been published, this time in the iteration of a collection of some of his most personal polaroids, immortalised in print.

His works will never get old. The book, titled Polaroids Davide Sorrenti, 1994 - 1997, serves as a consistent, quiet reminder of the kind of art that brings one back to ground, shifting focus, as groundbreaking as the first time. His raw, unvarnished approach to making images was reflected in the scenes captured, a nod to his youth, and fearless approach to existence. The energy of his photographs hits you at that maximum New York speed -  even when they speak of stillness - intensity bubbles under the surface, Sorrenti's energy unable to separate from the subject matter.

“No matter what, where, he always had his Leica with him and he had this amazing ability to keep a really firm hand – because you know he was also an artist, he used to paint things that were really beautiful – and so he was able to really hold that camera steady. And I think that he truly depicted kids in the 90s,” Francesca Sorrenti, Davide's mother told RUSSH last year. 

“When Davide passed away, it was as if he shed light on everybody. Everyone made a 360 turn, including myself,” said Vanina, Davide's sister. “He opened everybody’s eyes to life. He knew he wouldn’t be able to grow old or have family and take time to live an ordinary life with the people he loved and he had known that since he was very young. Someone who is faced with death since they are born is a different kind of person. They can see beyond what’s there and that was the beauty, he saw more of what was around him. And people loved him because of that.” 

The result is, and has always been a rawness that reverberates through paper or screen, unmatched and untapped, moments that can't speak to a single feeling. Inside Polaroids Davide Sorrenti, 1994 - 1997, you can find a collection of some of his most personal work, including shots of Mila Jovovich, brother Mario Sorrenti, and long-term girlfriend, Jaime King. Polaroids Davide Sorrenti, 1994 - 1997 is available to purchase via IDEA's online store and at exclusive retailers.

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