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What you need to know about Donald Glover’s new film, ‘Bando Stone & The New World’

It appears artistic polyglot Donald Glover has more up his sleeve as Childish Gambino. After unveiling his latest film project Bando Stone & The New World at the BET Awards yesterday, the world has been abuzz at the prospect of a new pseudonym to add to Glover's roster.

After six albums and four seasons of critically acclaimed series Atlanta, Glover is showing no signs of slowing. Hot off the heels of his performance as the latest Mr. Smith, Glover's latest musical work is one that hinges on legendary. We don't know everything it might contain, but we know that a new world order awaits.

Below, we take you through everything you need to know to prepare for a new installation of Glover's gut-comical multiverse.


What is Bando Stone & The New World about?

Bando Stone is another character that has been added to the Glover repertoire. The actor-singer has created separate Instagram profiles for all three of his creative aliases, and the film appears to be set in the prehistoric days that teem with gargantuan velociraptors, dinosaurs, and laser-heavy lighting. Machetes, kraken, and webs of sleuthing all contribute to the new Stone landscape. English actress Jessica Allain and Glover's eldest son, Legend, also crop up in the trailer as jurassic accomplices to Stone's mission of survival.

And with Glover, there's always crossovers waiting to happen. In the trailer, eagle-eyed spectators have highlighted similarities between Bando Stone’s setting and styling with 2015 Gambino single Telegraph Ave. Will the fourth wall be broken yet again?

This release marks Glover's last chapter working under the moniker Childish Gambino, and we cannot wait to see what farewell Glover has in mind for this arc of his career.


Where can I watch the trailer? 

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