Chanel’s Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit serum will help you reclaim your beauty sleep

The adage, 'beauty sleep' isn't just a cliché or an old wives tale. This saying comes from a place of truth.

Sleep is one of the keys to wellness, both inside and out. This is the time where our body rest, recovers and repairs. And for our skin, this time is especially crucial.

But as we fill our days with more and more, our evenings get shorter and shorter. Less time for sleep means less time for skin repair. And without these important hours of renewal, our skin suffers.

Chanel Beauty's latest skincare product has been specifically designed for this problem. Introducing the Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit Regenerating and Restoring Night Concentrate - a serum designed to help turn back the clock and reclaim your hours of beauty sleep.

This concentrate acts like a good night's sleep, aiding your skin's ability to repair and revitalise.

Did you know your skin has its own internal clock, its own circadian rhythms? Well, it's these that coordinate the timing of your skin's renewal. Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit works with your skin's rhythms and puts skin in a repairing “night mode.”

How exactly does it do this? Well, Chanel Beauty never gives away too many of its secrets. But we do know that this serum uses vanilla, in three specific states to be exact. The main active agent is a complex composed of two fermented floral elixirs that protect and reinforce cell detox. The specific bio-fermentation process used has been developed by Chanel to help obtain natural extracts that are extremely rich in active molecules. In addition to the fermented complex, this serum also has active fractions of Vanilla Planifolia that shield, revitalise and repair the skin.



It sounds rich, but this golden elixir has a wonderfully light texture. One that feels like the oils I love to use, something that sits even more lightly on the skin. It feels suitable for all skin types, both light, yet nourishing. The molten, glowy texture delivers radiance but without a hint of stickiness on the skin.

This one is designed for night time use of course but, if you do wish to use in the morning, it's a wonderful base for the rest of your makeup. The perfect primer for foundation, but can be worn on its own too as the ideal luminous base for a little cream blush and highlighter.

Here is a luxurious serum that will make your evening skincare ritual feel special - a help you reclaim your night hours. Because nothing is more precious than time.

Chanel's Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit Regenerating and Restoring Night Concentrate is available at Chanel Beauty.

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