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Chanel Sublimage L’Essence De Teint: a serum foundation that’s on your skin’s side


As we move into the warmer months, the need for makeup on the skin becomes to feel a bit redundant. We are living in a moment where freckles are praised and less is always more. It's not enough for a foundation to improve the appearance of your complexion anymore, it needs to do the heavy lifting, too.

We're shedding the layers of a winter in lockdown and ready to embrace the inevitable dewiness that comes with high summer in Australia, which means we're leaning towards makeup that feels weightless, breathable, and good for the skin. Chanel Beauty's new Sublimage L'Essence De Teint ticks these boxes and then some. As the first of its kind in Chanel Beauty's offering, the skin-fusing serum foundation is designed to melt into the skin to make it look smoother, and reveal its radiance while protecting the skin from external aggressors.

Chanel Sublimage L'Essence De TeintAs someone who doesn't wear makeup on a daily basis, it surprises even myself to say that this has become a daily staple. The product has a sheer, buttery finish that makes it look like you've just worked out sans redness, and settles into the skin as seamlessly as one might expect. This is partially due to the product itself containing light reflecting particles, alongside Vanilla Planifolia water - a signature ingredient of the SUBLIMAGE collection -  which helps maintain the quality of skin. The foundation is additionally Formulated with Vanilla Planifolia beans from Madagascar which is loaded with antioxidants, and the force behind its ability to protect the skin from external aggressors. Vanilla enfleurage oil plays a role, which is said to  soothe and comfort the complexion - a sentiment that is entirely believable upon blending into the skin.

The result, is skin that feels as though it's been freshly exfoliated and enveloped in a luxurious serum. With so much going on in daily life, it feels more important than ever to indulge in moments that serve as a reprieve for skin and soul. If foundation could be likened to a pair of jeans, Sublimage L'Essence De Teint would be the 501. The kind that is somehow soft as cotton, and will forever make you feel your best.

Chanel's Sublimage L'Essence De Teint is available at Chanel Beauty.

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