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Ever dreamed about sweating it out on a Celine Pilates reformer? Now is your chance

I've been a Pilates nut for about a year, and nothing draws close to the feeling of completing yet another class to alleviate all the aches and knots in my body. In that time I've changed hands with many studios. I've busted my derriere on mats, reformer beds, and the hardwood floors of my own home. I loved the flexibility and function of the classes, and what they did for me at the start of a day.

Feeling bogged down and foggy? Get into Child's Pose. In the mood for something a bit more high-octane? Book in for Circuit class. Looking to improve your form in a holistic manner? A mat class will fix you right up. Even for those with less time and coins to part with (we never denied the prices are eye-watering), pilates can be done from the comfort of your own home, without compromising any of the fun.

Though Joseph Pilates' initial creation sought to rehabilitate injured soldiers after WWI, Pilates has been co-opted into the mainstream of public conscience. We of course have the echelons of Eastern Suburbs mums to thank for their part in making that a reality. Whether you're opting for an at-home fix or clambering to fix the yellow springs on a reformer machine, Pilates has become the accessible go-to for many.

Unsurprisingly, Celine's latest drop is a haute ripple in the larger movement of the practice. Announcing their campaign with sports muse Kaia Gerber, the house has released a Pilates Collection fit for any Pilates beginner or savant. In black and white, the image features Gerber in head-to-toe Celine. She cuts an aloof figure, complete with over-ear headphones and shades to shield her from the sun. Racing off to make her class? Must be.


What does the drop include?

The drop features a range of yoga mats, kettle bells, dumbbell weights and most glaringly, a Triomphe Canvas Reformer machine. The collection in its entirety offers an elevated take on traditional fitness equipment. There's engraved dumbbells, a suited kettlebell in leather for a nod of chicery. You can try your own hand at an encompassing range of Pilates exercise with the entire collection.


Where can I buy the new collection?

The collection will release exclusively to Celine stores in Soho, Rodeo Drive and Miami in October. For more information on the launch, head over to the offical website.


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