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The trailer for Cara Delevingne’s latest film, ‘Life in a Year’ is here, so prepare the tissues

Cara Delevingne's Life in a Year

Cara Delevingne's new film, Life in a Year, has been a long-time coming – approximately two years and eight months, but who's counting? Back in March 2017, news broke that Delevingne would be starring alongside Jaden Smith in the emotional and heartbreaking film, and now, after plenty of waiting and anticipation, we finally have a trailer and a release date for the film.

Life in a Year follows the story of 17-year-old student Daryn (Smith), and his tireless efforts to woo Isabelle (Delevingne), a girl he meets at his local ice cream parlour. After much relentless begging, Isabelle finally agrees to go on a date with the starry-eyed Daryn, and then another, and another. Unsurprisingly, Daryn quickly begins to fall for the mysterious Isabelle, but when her love seems unrequited, he starts to dig deeper for answers.

As we soon learn, there's a reason behind her hesitation. Isabelle is battling stage three ovarian cancer, revealing to Daryn, “I have a year to live, if that.” Instead of shying away, Daryn develops a plan to help Isabelle meet as many milestones as possible in her final year, from sky-diving to buying a house; as the pair continue to fall deeper in love amidst a string of tragedies.

Watch the official trailer below.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Delevingne revealed that Life in a Year was the moment where her and Smith really clicked; the two actors never having worked together before.

“Us having to shave our heads at the same time—he’ll be in my life forever,” she shared, when speaking about how Smith parted with his iconic dreadlocks and she shaved her full head of hair for the film.

“It's definitely not a pretty sobbing film," Delevingne continued. “It gets you right in the gut. Oh my gosh, I cried all the time [during filming].

"As an actor, to be a vessel to understand what it takes to have something like stage three ovarian cancer, it's not a dream role obviously but in a way, it's an incredible gift to be given, especially when you put in the work."

As it turns out, Delevingne was far from the only person moved by the film's heartbreaking storyline. Her Suicide Squad co-star, Will Smith, who is executive producing the film alongside his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, struggled to keep his emotions suppressed during Life in a Years's first table reading.

"Once the script reading started, everyone started hiding that they're going to cry, and then Will Smith didn't care and just cried," shared director Mitja Okorn with EW.

Life in a Year will premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday 27 November.

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