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Sun-washed shades – Introducing Capsule IV from Sarah-Jane Clarke

Sarah-Jane Clarke capsule 4

Just in time for summer, designer, entrepreneur and wellness coach Sarah-Jane Clarke brings us her latest, Capsule 4.

A curation of pieces inspired by life and its simple pleasures. Sun-washed shades of pink, ivory, seagrass and blue tell a story of salt spray, early-morning swims, bronzed shoulders and lazy days spent dosing in sunlight.

Created with luxurious natural fibres, these pieces are the multi-tasking pieces you need for an Australian summer. Form-flattering separates that can take you from beach to bar.

We spoke to Sarah-Jane about her latest Capsule and her take on wellness and self care. For Sarah, this capsule is all about celebrating the little things and embracing the art of 'slowing down'.


Can you tell us a little bit about the collection? What has inspired your latest pieces?

Capsule 4 is a collection inspired by an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.  With Covid slowing us down, and limiting travel, this collection is all about pieces that can multi-task and take us on local adventures, whether that is walking in the Royal National Park, school pick up or visiting our local art gallery.

Simplistic silhouettes, letting the colour combinations shine.


Sarah-Jane Clarke capsule 4 

What is ‘thoughtful fashion’? How do you define it?

Thoughtful fashion is making women feel confident while being kind to our planet by making responsible choices across all aspects of the business, from sourcing, production, distribution and packaging.


What inspired you to take your brand seasonless?

I think customers are wanting trans seasonal purchases. With the current awareness of buying less, we are all wanting pieces that cross over seasons.


How have your designs and own style changed over the years?

I dress with a sense of discretion and like beautiful soft fabrics close to my skin. I embrace quality over quantity.

Sarah-Jane Clarke capsule 4

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness for me is having a good balance in life, making sure I have healthy routines and habits, and that I make the time to do things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.


Sarah-Jane Clarke capsule 4


What’s the first step in reaching a place where we can slow down?

Having the awareness that you are living a hectic lifestyle. Our culture celebrates busy-ness; however, we have to learn to embrace the art of slowing down by saying no to things, spending time with our loved ones, taking a nap in the day without feeling guilty.



Sarah-Jane Clarke capsule 4


What self care advice do you wish more people knew?

Make sleep a priority. Watch out for substances that ruin our quality of sleep, such as alcohol.


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