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All the best online reactions to ‘Bridgerton’ S3

Dearest gentle reader, sound the bugle – Bridgerton Season 3 has concluded with a flurry of affairs. There's a wedding, betrothal, a baby on the way, and the first and final trimmings of romance for many a Bridgerton. We see flirts of queer representation, and it's about time. Colin finds his confidence and bravado, there's a whirlwind engagement, and... that mirror scene? We're engrossed, to say the least.

Props go to one particular lady of the court (no spoilers) who has been revealed as the salacious penwright Whistledown. We can't say we're awfully surprised. The woman behind the scribe is as talented as she is audacious. We do look like the cat who got the cream. It seems the internet has shared our receptivity: on the Twitterscape, word is abuzz about the blossoming of romance on all ends.

To tide you over until season 4 comes around the bend, here's what everyone has been saying. Kate and Anthony are as cosied up together as ever. Penelope is on track to becoming the brightest Bridgerton around. Francesca and Michaela are nettling deep into the softest corners of our heart. Colin raises his voice a decibel higher at Penelope and barely lives without regretting it. The author can confirm that the man will always stand up for her. Previous wallflower, Penelope has laid all her cards down and we're picking them all up.

After all, gossip is indeed the lifeblood of the court. So why not join in? These are the best online reactions to Bridgerton season 3.



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