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Thinking of making the switch? These are the blonde hair trends we’re loving in 2023

blonde hair trends 2023

There are some hair colours that will never go out of style. And why should they? We love a classic, and sometimes in life (especially when it comes to our hair), it's worth sticking to what we know. That doesn't mean we can't push the boundaries a little and start to experiment with the parameters of that colour. As a brunette-born, blonde convert (of over 10 years), it happens to be one of my favourite past times. Which, is why when the predictions for the biggest blonde hair trends of 2023 began to roll in, I jumped at any excuse to uncover my latest iteration of 'blonde'.

It's no secret that being a 'traditional' blonde requires a lot of maintenance, and as we enter the new year, we're making hair health a priority in 2023. So, when one of Sydney's most in-demand hairdressers, Kirby Lago, shared with me that low maintenance, lived in colour was the theme behind the blonde hair trends of 2023, I couldn't be more relieved.

“At Pelo by Lago we’re all about low maintenance, lived in colour. We don’t like to compromise on hair health only enhance it," shares owner of Pelo by Lago and Goldwell Blonde Specialist Kirby Lago. "You won’t find us doing platinum on our clients, we create colour that’s going to look good between salon visits and keep your hair in great shape. While still achieving bright, beautiful blondes.”

Anyone who was paying close attention or who had a blonde hair transformation on their mind would have already noticed some of these iterations of blonde beginning to seep through towards the end of last year. And truly, there's a colour for everyone regardless of what stage of your blonde hair journey you're currently at. From Sydney Sweeney's unpredictable strawberry blonde to Hailey Bieber's aptly titled 'melted pecan blonde' that has had us in an unending chokehold; these are the 2023 blonde hair trends to know about and try this year.


Strawberry Blonde


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Starting off strong. It's great to see strawberry blonde continue its reign in 2023, and considering we aren't ready to give up on the copper hair trend just yet, this feels like the perfect continuation of that if you aren't quite ready to go full red. This is what we mean by pushing the boundaries people!

Melted Pecan Blonde

After much deliberation, I took my virtually platinum blonde hair to 'melted pecan blonde' in the middle of last year, and honestly, it's been the best (and least confronting) way to transition my hair into a colour that has more depth. The front and ends still offer a tonne of lightness, which is balanced out by a darker root shadow. This is perfect if you want to move away from a high maintenance blonde, or are a brunette wanting to experiment with lighter tones.

"This is one of our favs at Pelo by Lago. We love adding dimension and blend to our blondes. Very European vibes!"

Oat Milk Blonde


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"This is a super flattering blonde that's usually less maintenance," shares Lago. Oat milk blonde is the perfect option for those still wanting a bright, high impact colour, without needing to book an appointment every six weeks. A great option if you're after an easier grow-out.



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Bronde is definitely not a new blonde hair trend, but given the theme of low maintenance hair, it's no surprise that it has made the list again for blonde hair trends in 2023. It's hard not to associate bronde with bad balayage, but when done right, it's a perfect harmony."This is such a great option if you have dark facial features but love the brightness of blonde," shares Lago.

Buttercream Blonde


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"This is our lightest but brighter blonde as it's a very light clean blonde with a touch of warmth which produces a bright gloss." Buttercream blonde is not for the faint hearted, and definitely pushes the boundaries of 'lived in colour', but personally, it's my favourite colour to be during the warmer months. Creamy, light, but with a touch of depth for that unmatched shine, it's the hair colour definition of "girls just want to have fun."

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