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Najwa Nimri and Pamela Anderson star in Bimba Y Lola’s new holiday campaign


Spanish brand Bimba Y Lola are tapping into the obscure happenings of the year that has been in its new holiday campaign with actor Najwa Nimri, from Netflix’s Money Heist.

The Spanish actress, straying from her negotiating ways, plays an exuberant sales person who appears to be working from home during the holiday season. As she is on a call, a handsome delivery man (Jon Kortajarena) comes knockin' on her door with a heap of Bimba Y Lola packages. The delivery man lets himself in and plonks himself on a living room chair, where he strikes a conversation Nimri on love and heartbreak. they then begin to dance together, and it's all very sweet.

Chapter two sees Nimri in the kitchen on another work call, chopping a leek. Her intercom rings and it's a friend (played by Pamela Anderson !! ) coming to wish her Merry Christmas. The friend doesn't come up, and Nimri continues to cook her meal and speak on the phone. The scene closes with the actor lying on her bed, musing about what next year might bring.

“I believe that from a certain age, every woman is capable of versatility. Changing is a matter of survival” Najwa says of the part. “As an actress, fashion is absolutely essential to me, it is part of creating a role, an image.” she continues, noting her long lasting relationship with fashion and getting dressed. “In everyday life, I’d rather wear a uniform, but I can still spend entire seasons experimenting, searching for new looks, sartorially searching within myself. Especially when it comes to a role” which is evident in the Bimba Y Lola campaign, where Nimri is dressed up in heels, a beaded bralette over a turtleneck, sequined headbands, and fur coats. The obscure holiday cheer is out in full force, and we couldn't be more excited to witness it.

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