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Non-traditional and unique wedding dress designers for the modern bride

More and more, we're seeing modern brides shed the traditional wedding attire in favour of something that feels a little more 'them'. Your wedding day is important, so why wouldn't you want to feel wholly and uniquely yourself. For the non-traditionalists out there, that could mean opting for a pantsuit or an avant-garde silhouette, it could mean experimenting with your colour palette or hemlines, perhaps searching for something one-off or vintage too.

But finding alternative bridalwear can be difficult if you don't know the landscape, and even more difficult if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for yet (you just know what you're not looking for, you know?). With so many brands now offering a bridal branch of their ready-to-wear, as well as boutique wedding studios around the globe offering more bespoke wedding dresses and suits, there's a lot to navigate.

Whether you're looking for something non-traditional or unique, these are our pick of the unconventional wedding dress designers for the alternative bride.


1. Mirror Palais

Where to buy: At Desordre stores in Australia, or online via Mirror Palais' website and their range of online stockists.

Price point: Approximately $1,000 – $3,000

Fashion forward New Yorkers will tell you that Mirorr Palais is one of the hottest bridal offerings in the city, with plenty of youthful alternatives to the traditional white gown donned by brides on their big day. Founded by designer Marcelo Gaia, the brand is renowned for its unique blend of vintage-inspired elegance and modern sensibilities, making each bridal piece a true statement of individuality. The brand's attention to detail and use of luxurious fabrics create gowns that exude both romantic nostalgia and contemporary sophistication. With its distinct aesthetic and dedication to craftsmanship, Mirror Palais has carved a niche in the bridal fashion world, offering brides a chance to embrace their unique style on their special day.


2. Reformation

Where to buy: In stores and online at Reformation's website, and via their range of online stockists. (Sadly, David Jones doesn't carry their bridalwear, but it's a great opportunity for you to try on similar dress styles for size.)

Price point: Approximately $600 – $1,600

Reformation stands out in the bridalwear industry for its commitment to sustainability and effortlessly chic designs, offering brides eco-friendly options without sacrificing style. The brand's use of recycled materials and ethical production practices ensures each gown is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious, with its modern silhouettes and trend-forward details, Reformation provides brides with contemporary, elegant choices that reflect both personal style and a commitment to sustainability.



Where to buy: In stores and online at RIXO's website, or via their online stockists. (Sadly, David Jones doesn't carry their bridalwear, but it's a great opportunity for you to try on similar dress styles for size.)

Price point: Approximately $750 – $1,600

RIXO's vintage-inspired designs bring a fresh and distinctive approach to bridalwear, blending bohemian charm with timeless elegance. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring hand-painted patterns and luxurious fabrics that create a unique, personalised touch for brides. Designed in sizes UK 6-26, British brides-to-be can visit their bridal suites in person at King’s Road, Carnaby Street, Marylebone High Street and Selfridges.


4. Sandy Liang

Where to buy: Online via Sandy Liang's website, and at select stockists.

Price point: Approximately $100 – $1,000

Sandy Liang redefines bridalwear with her playful and unconventional designs, infusing traditional elements with the preppy, coquette-ish twists she's become synonymous with. Known for her innovative use of textures and quirky details, each bridal piece stands out as a statement of individuality and modernity – and she does much more than just gowns, she also does an array of pearl-embellished accessories and silky white footwear to boot.


5. Chopova Lowena

Where to buy: Online exclusive via SSENSE.

Price point: Approximately $350 – $3,400

In the brand's exclusive bridal capsule collection for SSENSE, Chopova Lowena revolutionises bridalwear with its eclectic fusion of traditional Bulgarian craftsmanship and punk-inspired aesthetics, creating wedding pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each piece features vibrant, handwoven textiles and bold, unconventional designs, making a striking statement for brides who dare to be different.

6. Staud

Where to buy: Online via the Staud website (you can ship direct to Australia).

Price point: Approximately $330 – $2,250

Their sweet little beaded bags may have gone viral, but that's not all that Staud do well – and their new Staud Bride branch is a testament to their timeless versatility. The brand's attention to clean lines, innovative silhouettes, and subtle, chic details creates effortlessly stylish gowns that stand out for their understated elegance. You can even order a custom embroidered veil with your initials for a truly unique accent.


7. Cecile Bahnsen

Where to buy: Online via the Cecile Bahnsen website. (You can also opt to book a private appointment virtually or visit their showroom in Copenhagen.)

Price point: Approximately $1,200 – $6,300

Scandi girls can rejoice knowing that they've got their bridal fit sorted ever since earlier this year, when Copenhagen-based Cecile Bahnsen released their first bridal edit. Known for their diaphanous, voluminous dresses with all the Scandi hallmarks (pockets, frills and puffed bows ofc), they're the perfect dress for an effortless and uncomplicated bride who wants to get through their special day with ease.


8. Molly Goddard

Where to buy: Online via Molly Goddard's website.

Price point: Approximately $2,750 – $7,800

Molly Goddard Bridal captivates with its distinctive approach, blending whimsical volume and playful textures to create gowns that are both bold and enchanting. Known for her signature tulle and ruffled designs, each piece embodies a sense of drama and fantasy, perfect for brides looking to make a memorable statement. With a focus on craftsmanship and imaginative detailing, Molly Goddard offers a unique bridalwear experience that transforms traditional bridal fashion into artful, exuberant creations.


9. WED Studio

Where to buy: Online via WED Studio's website.

Price point: Approximately $4,500 – $12,000

Paris-based WED Studio distinguishes itself in the bridalwear landscape with its blend of contemporary elegance and artisanal craftsmanship, offering bespoke gowns that are tailored to each bride's unique vision. The brand's commitment to luxurious fabrics, intricate detailing, and personalised design ensures that every dress is a true reflection of individual style and sophistication.


10. Silk Laundry

Where to buy: Online via WED Studio's website.

Price point: Pricing upon purchase.

For the minimalist brides among us who can't go past a sleek and simple 90s slip dress moment, we'd suggest making an appointment with Silk Laundry. Not only is the brand super accessible – with stores in most Australian major cities – each piece of their made-to-order Bridal Collection is created with 100%, 40 momme silk. And if dresses aren't your thing, they also have silk suits to don.



Where to buy: Online via L'IDEE WOMAN's website.

Price point: $299 – $550

L’IDÉE WOMAN stands out in the bridalwear scene with its elegant pleated designs, offering a modern twist on classic silhouettes that exude sophistication and grace. The brand's meticulous attention to detail and use of luxurious, flowing fabrics create gowns that are both timeless and uniquely contemporary. With its emphasis on sleek, minimalist aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship, L’IDÉE WOMAN provides brides with a distinctive and memorable look for their special day.


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Feature images via SSENSE and Sandy Liang.