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Memoirs, thrillers and the tumults of being a twenty-something, these are the best new release books to read in July 2022

best new books july 2022

We are now officially closer to the end of the year than the start and for those of us who endeavour – intentionally or otherwise – to read a book a week, it's a good point to step back and see what is left on your 'to read' list. Adding to the options, there are a slew of new releases coming this July for you to enjoy, with plenty of Australian talent releasing thrilling fiction and non-fiction works to indulge in. Offering fresh perspectives and takes on storytelling, these are the best new books to read in July 2022.


Do As I Say - Sarah Steel

best new books july 2022Podcaster Sarah Steel has turned her popular show into a new book, delving into the world of cults. Steel discusses the tactics employed by cults to attract and manipulate individuals into turning to them, often in a time of distress, vulnerability and needing a place to turn. Steel goes on to discuss a variety of international and Australian cults, speaking with former members about their experiences in the cult and how life continues after a cult. Herself a victim of Australian conwoman Melissa Craddick, Steel also explores the idea of cult-like tendencies and figures in everyday life, from workplaces to fitness clubs.


None of This is Serious - Catherine Prasifka

best new books july 2022

A new name to contemporary Irish fiction, Catherine’ Prasifka’s None of This is Serious is not what you expect. If like myself you forget the blurb of the book as soon as you read it, once delving into Prasifka’s novel it will take you on a journey to the potential end of the world, misogyny and a general sense of being lost at the tail end of an undergraduate degree. Prasifka captures the agonising struggles of a twenty-something with sharp dialogue and an undulating take on our perpetual need to be connected online, and how this converts to real life. Keeping up? It’s a read for those who appreciate the works of Naoirse Dolan.


Dirt Town - Hayley Scrivenor

best new books july 2022

The embodiment of a page turner, we commend you if you are able to put down Hayley Scrivenor’s Dirt Town in between chapters. Raced through at a record rate, the tale follows a murder mystery plot in rural Australia concerning a local school girl whose body is found buried on a remote property. What follows is a series of twists and turns taking us through a vast selection of suspects and the tragedies that follow in the small town. Add to your lists as it is one of the best new books to read in July 2022.


Something Blue - Alex Sarkis

Something Blue is a novel about leaving home, but never escaping your roots. About the crossroads many face in their twenties and the risks taken to grow, thrive and find yourself. We follow protagonist Nicole as she navigates lacklustre dates, family feuds and tension, the chaos of wedding season (if you know, you know) and her search to find the one. Along the way, Nicole uncovers her own aspirations and desires and finds herself falling in love with the loving, welcoming community in Western Sydney where she grew up in.


What the Fuck is This? - Celeste Mountjoy

While not a novel and not quite a traditional coffee table book, What the Fuck is This? is a piece of literature to pick up no matter the mood. In love? There’s a space for that. Heartbroken? Yep, that’s covered too. Mountjoy takes here highly popular Instagram page (@filthyratbag) and has turned it into a colourful, eclectic book to be enjoyed by all. Fans of David Shringley, this one is for you.


Raven Smith’s Men – Raven Smith

Our favourite man about town Raven Smith is back in 2022 with another hilarious, sharp collection of essays on being a man in the modern day. Described by Smith as being “about men because, in an annoying way, everything is,” Raven Smith’s Men is part memoir, part anthropological exploration of masculine dynamics and boundaries and his own experiences as man, and his experiences with men. For those who enjoyed Raven Smith’s Trivial Pursuits, add this new release to your reading lists, as it is one that won’t disappoint having cemented its place as one of the best new books to read in July 2022.

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