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Here’s our (non-exhaustive) list of actually cool restaurants in Hobart

Here’s our (non-exhaustive) list of actually cool restaurants in Hobart

Tasmania's restaurant scene is a culinary treasure trove, celebrated for its farm-to-table ethos and the abundance of fresh, local produce. The island's unique climate and pristine environment allow chefs to create dishes that highlight the region's natural flavours, and additionally, Tasmania's thriving wine and craft beer industries provide perfect pairings for gourmet meals. With a vibrant mix of innovative eateries and cozy, rustic venues, Tasmania offers a dining experience that's both diverse and deeply rooted in its rich cultural heritage.

Hobart, the state's capital, boasts a thriving restaurant scene thanks to its access to some of the freshest seafood and locally sourced ingredients in the country – and the city's picturesque waterfront and historic architecture provide charming backdrops for a variety of dining experiences, from casual bistros to upscale eateries. Hobart's culinary scene is also enriched by a community of passionate chefs who emphasise sustainability and creativity in their dishes – but if you're wondering where to start, we've got you covered with our list of the best and coolest restaurants and eateries to book a table at.


1. Fondrus Fromagerie and Wine Bar

Best for: Hot cheese, toasted bread, itty-bitty wine bars.

Fondru's Fromagerie and Wine Bar in North Hobart is about as offline as they get – so you'll have to call to make a booking, or walk in. Run by best friends Drew Port and Stuart Churton, it's a cozy, upscale venue known for its exquisite selection of artisanal cheeses and fine wines (as the name might suggest). The menu has a heavy focus on fondus, with five different flavours on offer.


2. Pigeon Whole Bakers

Best for: Flakey pastries, takeaway coffees, photogenic interiors.

Open: Every day

This glass-fronted bakery and coffee shop in the centre of Hobart is a must for any sweet-treat loving visitors in need of a morning pick-me-up. They also sell a selection of house-baked breads for take-home needs,  and were voted 'Best Croissant' in the state. For those with a more savoury palate, they also offer a selection of fresh sandwiches and baguettes.


3. Sunbear Cafe


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Best for: Small plates, apricating, the best porridge you've ever had.

Open: Monday–Saturday

Sunbear Cafe is a sweet, suburban spot in a not-so-suburban locale. Situated on Collins Street in the centre of Hobart, its sun-filled room is a sanctuary from the cold in winter months – and serves up some of the city's best winter warmers – from homemade soups to porridge bowls. There can be a little bit of a wait on a weekend morning for a table, but the line moves fast – and we'd say it's well worth it.


4. Sonny


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Best for: Fabulous wine lists, vinyl soundtracks, just a bite of dessert.

Open: Thursday–Monday

A personal favourite, this 20-seat wine bar in a small, corridor-like room is the perfect spot for a late night wine and bite. A rotating menu of elevated bar snacks – including prosciutto toast, steaming house-made pasta and fresh Tasmanian oysters – compliments their range of lo-fi wines. They don't take bookings – so finding a spot among their 20 seats can be difficult – but if, like me, you manage to stroll past as some guests are leaving, drop your plans and bee-line for the door. And order yourself a spoonful of tiramisu as a night cap while you're at it (yes, the literally serve it on a spoon).


5. Fico


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Best for: Aperitivos, guided culinary journeys, dinner dates.

Open: Wednesday–Saturday

Fico defies simple labels. Though inspired by Italy, it thrives in Tasmania, thanks to chef-owners Federica Andrisani and Oskar Rossi, who met at Michelin-starred El Coq in Vicenza. Their one-month pop-up evolved into a Hobart must-visit, celebrating local produce and their Italian-Australian roots. Fico's nine-course menu shifts with the seasons, featuring dishes like tortello with liquified tomato and buffalo mozzarella cream. The drinks list spans amari, vermouths, and grappa, with nods to sake and local beers.


6. Ogee


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Best for: 70s disco soundtracks, generous slices of sourdough, house-made chinotto.

Open: Thursday–Sunday

Behind the jet-black antique doors of Ogee lies an intimate 28-seater wine bar from Matt Breen, where a large wooden island and open kitchen set the stage for French and Italian-inspired share plates. With a seasonal menu spotlighting house-made pasta and lo-fi wines curated by sommelier Rachelle Guastella, Ogee offers a delightfully unpretentious yet refined dining experience, and we'd suggest making a booking in advance.


7. Kalbi


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Best for: Korean BBQ, family-style dining, casual weeknight dinners.

Open: Thursday–Sunday

For something a little more casual, Kalbi in North Hobart is a family-style Korean restaurant serving up sizzling KBBQ, twice fried chicken and their signature dish, Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs. You can dine in, or opt for take-out, and either way you'll get the best of their locally-grown produce-driven menu.


8. Dier Makr


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Best for: Degustations, oenophiles, organic wines.

Open: Thursday–Saturday

This hidden gem offers an ever-changing, locally-inspired set menu by chef-owner Kobi Ruzicka. Expect big-flavoured, snack-sized dishes like sweet corn gelato with blackberries and plum sorbet with sweet basil. The wine cellar, housing over 150 organic varietals, encourages guests to explore, offering thoughtfully matched drinks and unique alcohol-free options. With its intimate vibe, open kitchen, and cosy blend of wood and leather, Dier Makr provides one of Tasmania’s most thrilling dining experiences.


9. Lucinda Wine Bar


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Best for: Natty wines, alfresco seating, mignonette-spiked oysters.

Open: Wednesday–Saturday

Opposite Dier Makr is Lucinda, it's sister wine bar and a destination in its own right that spills out onto Collins Street. Sharing Dier Makr’s incredible cellar, you can experience a daily selection of by-the-glass offerings to compliment their free-spirited food offerings—from crudo to house-made pastas.


10. Summer Kitchen Bakery


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Best for: Historic bakeries, rustic charm, woodfired bread.

Open: Every day

This organic, wood-fired bakery nestled in Tasmania's Huon Valley has been running since the 1970s. Run by Marie Van de Gumster and her husband John, it delights with its artisanal breads and pastries, baked from organic, locally-sourced ingredients. With its warm, rustic charm and mouthwatering offerings, it's a must-visit for anyone craving a taste of Tasmania's finest baked goods.


11. The Agrarian Kitchen

Best for: Farm-to-table, day trips, garden strolls.

Open: Friday–Sunday

Half an hour's drive outside of Hobart, in the Derwent Velley, sits Agrarian Kitchen Eatery, known for its seasonal dishes and open fireplace.Housed within the historic Willow Court complex, which was once the oldest operating mental hospital in Australia, and offers a meticulously crafted menu that changes weekly to emphasise local sourcing, with 95% of their produce coming from their one-acre garden and nearby suppliers​. Their current set menu features dishes like beans with gribiche, fennel with shiso, and radish with broad bean miso.


12. Templo


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Best for: Communal dining, minimal intervention wines, house-made pasta.

Open: Wednesday–Monday

My personal favourite spot to visit in Hobart is Templo. The restaurant is nestled in a former butcher’s shop, and is a cozy 25-seat haven where communal dining at the round table offers a chance to chat with fellow food enthusiasts. With two sittings per night, each set menu is a culinary journey, with house-made ciabatta and gnocco fritto, alongside a curated list of minimal intervention wines and a Templo-exclusive pinot noir. We'd recommend booking well in advance for your spot – and yes, they're amenable to dietary requirements.


13. Bar Wa Izakaya


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Best for: Midnight ramen, Japanese beers, whisky and sake.

Open: Every day

Another late-night favourite in Hobart in Bar Wa Izakaya – a spot I'd happily return to for another bowl of tipsy midnight ramen again. Nestled into the main strip of North Hobart, it offers a vibrant Tokyo-inspired experience with its lively atmosphere, delectable food, and extensive selection of Japanese drinks. Enjoy sharing dishes like their signature oysters, okonomiyaki, karagé chicken, pink eye potatoes, and pork gyoza, and don't miss out on their whisky highballs on tap, or their midnight ramen rounds during Dark Mofo.


15. Pitzi Pasta Bar


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Best for: Backyard apricots, Tasmanian spirits, digestifs.

Open: Tuesday–Saturday

From the team at Fico comes their relaxed pasta, focaccia and Chianti bar, Pitzi. You can expect a rotating menu of four main pastas, such as fusilloni paired with a wild venison sauce in white wine and butter, or a simple yet rich Fettuccine Alfredo topped with shaved black truffle. Other offerings include a baked timballo with Neapolitan ragù and eggplant, while desserts are straightforward, featuring items like Tongola cheese, coffee granita, or poached apricots from the owners' backyard, served with vanilla gelato. The drink menu includes Italian cocktails made with Tasmanian spirits, and the wine list is split between Tasmanian and Italian selections, with post-prandial digestifs mainly Italian, except for a Remnant whisky.


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