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A new historical drama series on the life of Cristóbal Balenciaga is coming

Balenciaga television series

As far as historical fashion films and television series go, there are certainly a few that stand out among the rest. In news the fashion-obsessed need right now, a new historical biopic on the life of Cristóbal Balenciaga has been confirmed, and we have no doubt it will secure a firm place on our sartorial entertainment roster.

The upcoming project takes form in a scripted series – similar to that of The Crown – which will follow the life of the acclaimed Spanish fashion designer who launched his eponymous fashion house in 1917, at age 22. The series is set to begin production in 2021, and will mark the first made-for-television series about the designer.

"I have long admired the genius of the greatest Spanish fashion designer in history," executive producer Frida Torresblanco said in an official statement.

The Balenciaga television series follows a string of recent dramatisations of key leaders and creatives in the fashion and media industry. FX's 2018 series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story was released to high critical acclaim and a much anticipated Bravo series on the rivalry between Vogue's Anna Wintour and Tina Brown, who was a former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair is also said to be in the works.

"After discovering Balenciaga's influences this triggered the implacable need to capture the life of a brave artist who intensely and relentlessly lived for his love of an aristocrat, a handsome gentleman whose life was threatened by the dangerous times he lived in. He liberated women who were restricted in their corsets, by creating a timeless, provocative and avant-garde way to live that continues to influence future generations. I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of ViacomCBS International Studios and our incredibly talented team of writers and director for this inspiring project."

At the helm of the script are writers Rebecca Pollock and Kat Graham, as well as Testament Of Youth director James Kent.

"There are few artists who have affected our world's material reality — its texture, colour, shape and form — in the way Balenciaga has," shared Kent.

"His creations changed the face of fashion, and his story, until now, has only been told through his fashion designs. I am thrilled to have the challenge of pulling from this visual, aesthetic space, and Balenciaga's intense life, to share this glamorous story with the world."

As we wait in anticipation for the new Balenciaga television drama series, learn more about the prolific designer below.

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