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Arts-Matter hosts and evening with Joshua and Ali Yeldham

Arts-Matter, a Sydney-based cultural programming platform founded by Michelle Grey and Susan Armstrong, recently hosted an event in celebration of Joshua Yeldham’s sold out show Providence at Art House Gallery, helmed by his sister Ali Yeldham.

The evening began with a screening of a short film Joshua made to accompany his exhibition. "I’ve always been interested in how the eye is the trail to the soul, and how my soul projected can look like a painting,” he said in the opening sequence of the film. Joshua spoke to the audience about his fascination with nature from a young age, and his early challenges with school and dyslexia. Peppered into the conversation were thoughtful insights from his sister Ali, who spoke about their family dynamic, and shared what it was like growing up with two driven and creative parents (their mother Di Yeldham and Joshua’s wife Jo Yeldham were in the audience). The conversation was intimate and raw, and a moving portrait of a family who have a deep love for one and other, and above all value their close connection.

It has been said by the renowned art critic John McDonald that “for Joshua painting is not a window onto the world but an instrument (sometimes even a musical instrument) that allows us to go beyond the visible. Ideally, it’s also a tool for transformation, a vehicle for self-discovery.” It was clear from the evening’s conversation that Joshua’s life and art is centered around discovery, both of self and the natural world.

Charcoal Wood - Smiths Creek by Joshua Yeldham

Yeldham has long held the belief that “art isn’t just for galleries or museums, but to create some kind of positivity in your life.” This sentiment is echoed by his sister and the type of inclusive cultural space she has created with Art House Gallery. Ali is passionate about sharing her artist’s works with everyone, not just the select few that can afford to buy them.

It’s clear that both Ali and Joshua share a generosity of spirit that is evident throughout their careers, and Providence is yet another monument to their continued relationship as artist and gallerist, but most importantly as brother and sister.

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Featured image: Providence by Joshua Yeldham

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