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‘RUSSH’ music editor Alys Hale sends postcards from Berlin’s Hotel Oderberger

As the age old adage goes, if it’s good enough for Bowie, it’s good enough for me: a love of Berlin is no exception.

I have fond memories of the wide streets and huge blocks in summer, punctuated by cyclists and Club Mate, and fond memories of being in a warm studio in winter, removed from the now colder cyclists. As Berlin fell halfway through my most recent tour, we had the luxury of a night off and decided to spend it in luxury at my favourite hotel, Berlin's Hotel Oderberger.

Situated in Prenzlauer Berg in a stately and building with high arched windows, there is an old romanticism present that is heightened when set against memories of industrial zones, and/or Berghain. Originally a swimming pool designed in 1898, it re-opened in 2016 as a protected boutique hotel. The pool is open to the public, but was always suitably quiet and it was the first port of call knowing we had a moment. It is like bathing in an historical novel, or a film by a decidedly European director. Cavernous high ceilings above you, Neo-Gothic arches evocative of a church to yourself, pendant lights and hidden alcoves for reclining; I am at a loss to think of a better place to have an afternoon off with a book, or even just one of the hotel robes.

We then decided to saunter downstairs to the pool’s sauna which was like a small, green yonic rainforest at a perfect temperature. Not outrageously hot and dry but certainly enough to take the edge of the fresh pool water off. Only when entering did I remember that of course, most European’s sauna-ed naked so readdressed my etiquette with a towel rather than long sleeved swimsuit. Having raised my temperature as much as possible and chickened out of using the ice afterwards, we retired to our huge room with two windows overlooking Oderbergerstaße and I fed my skin with as many replenishing products as possible from Strange Luxury, Emma Lewisham and Aesop before getting dressed for dinner.

Were it up to me, I would make a cocktail or champagne before dinner mandatory, and so we ducked down to the bar and ordered martinis. These were very easily imbibed on a warm early summer evening before a night of exploring Berlin.



The Comfort rooms at Berlin's Hotel Oderberger are more than enough, but if you want to people-watch from your window, opt for a Premium room. If you’re feeling really special, perhaps the Maisonette or Tower Suites.



The hotel has you covered for most amenities, including a rubber duck, but I took a range of practically medicinal skincare, a jumpsuit and boots for almost every day and a fun dress for the evening. All of which can fit in a RIMOWA cabin case.




Swim and sauna obviously. Once cleansed by that experience go and explore Prenzlauer Berg or have a truly ‘Berlin’ night at 8mm Bar or Panorama Bar… dress code permitting.


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