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Season 2 of Teresa Palmer’s series ‘A Discovery of Witches’ is here to enchant you

A Discovery of Witches

Prepare to be bewitched, 'A Discover of Witches' has a second season and it's on Binge ready for you to watch.

If you initially missed this series that did remarkably go under the radar, it's an ensnaring tale of magic and mystery. It's always a treat to find a new story about witches and vampires - the perfect combination of fantasy to help offer a distraction from reality right now.


What's A Discovery of Witches about?

Teresa Palmer plays Diana Bishop, a historian - and reluctantly a witch. She's unexpectedly forced back into the world of magic when she comes across a bewitched manuscript in a library. Despite a long history of mistrust between vampires and witches, she eventually accepts the help of Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist and vampire. Together they work to protect the book - because as it turns out, Matthew has been looking for this text his whole life. Now, they have to solve the magical mysteries thrown at them while also managing their forbidden romance.

The storyline is based on the best-selling All Souls series written by Deborah Harkness, a trilogy. So there's still a lot of fodder left for subsequent seasons, offering a storyline you can really sink your teeth into, pardon the pun. Plus, we'll essentially watch anything that our beloved Teresa Palmer puts her name too.

Watch the trailer for the show below.

What is season 2 about?

Well, we're very sorry to inform binge watchers out there, but we don't know what season 2 is about just yet because it's released episode by episode, one per week. So you'll have settle in and savour. The first episode of season 2 came to streaming on January 13, so you won't be far behind if you're just starting now.

But if you're someone that prefers to watch it all in one go, there's still all of season 1 to enjoy for right now.

Catch it all on Foxtel Now, Binge or Google Play. In the meantime watch the trailer for season 2 here.

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