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Jono Ma and Angus Gruzman present the Dreemas

Jagwa Ma’s Jono Ma and Angus Gruzman of Dreems go way back with Sydney live music institution Oxford Art Factory.

“It’s a little know fact that my old band Lost Valentinos, which was also A&R-ed by Angus, actually played the opening night of Oxford Art Factory,” explains Ma. “I also used to have a DJ residency in the Gallery many moons ago. Angus and I have just released an EP on legendary German label Kompakt and we felt we needed to do something in our hometown Sydney to mark the occasion. So when Carol, the OAF Booker, approached Angus and I about hosting an evening at Oxford Art Factory, we launched at it like Kramer to a lifetime of coffee.”

Such are the origins of Ma and Gruzman’s upcoming curated evening at OAF, in celebration of their joint project the Dreemas. It’s one that has seen the pair enlist more comrades from the Sydney scene – Jonti of Stones Throw Records, Ccolo aka Magic Pirate and Julian Sudek of World Champion fame – in order to see the Dreemas realised live.

“We all make noise in the same area,” explains Ma of the line-up. “The connections run deep and dense.” One example: “Jonti, Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Warpaint and myself ended up making a really weird track once that will probably never see the light of day.”

The evening itself will see meditation music flow into a live performance, followed by a DJ set from Gruzman and Ma. For a taste of what to expect, look no further than our playlist, curated by the two in honour of the night: the ultimate opportunity to tune in and go deep. According to Ma, these vibes are best absorbed below the surface. “Angus and I both have these underwater headphones. It’s more than just a novelty, it’s actually a pretty insanely great place to listen to music. So [listen] underwater if you have the tech … or in your office works if you don’t. Perhaps for some, that’s all in one?”

See the Dreemas at Oxford Art Factory on March 8.