Destination / Wish You Were Here

The Chequit, Shelter Island

Shelter Island is the ‘un-Hamptons’ getaway that takes you off the grid in the best possible way. With an overnight bag and a new book in hand I travelled the eastbound stretch of highway no more than 100 miles from New York City. A short ferry ride later and I’d arrived at my destination – The Chequit, a boutique hotel that is as much a chic seaside sanctuary as it is a laidback summer refuge.

Destination / Wish You Were Here

Artist Residence, London

A recent addition to the emerging Pimlico social scene is boutique hotel the Artist Residence. This stylish 10-bedroom design hotel presents more like a premium guesthouse than a London lodging, offering all the modern comforts plus endless rows of candy jars and a vibrant cocktail bar.

Destination / In Residence

Ten Photographs, Sydney

What started as a mutual connection forged at Bondi Beach between photographer Derek Henderson and restauranteur Maurice Terzini has turned into a friendship and collaborative partnership spanning nearly two decades.