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A recipe for Thai spiced salmon

This month we focus on recipes combining nutritious macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates and fats - vital to a balanced diet. Thai spiced salmon with herby brown rice celebrates these delicious, nourishing macronutrients with protein and fats from salmon, carbohydrates from brown rice, and fats from coconut oil, coconut milk and peanuts. Thai spiced salmon with [...]


Fountain of youth

Submerge yourself. With minerals from deep within the earth’s crust, this Hungarian thermal water mask nourishes and restores your skin back to equilibrium with a flash of heat.

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Clear the way

When life (and breakouts) catch up to us, help start afresh with these blemish clearing solutions.

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Desert heat

Daydreams of warmth and solitude. With the help of muses like Jeet and Edie, let the heat of the desert light your path.

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Outside the lines

The one she knows best is herself. Beauty transcends through bold strokes and coloured forms, as realised by artist Inès Longevial.

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Morning power up

For those days a sit-down breakfast just isn’t on the cards. Quick and transportable, it’s time to embrace meals on the go.