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How does your garden grow?

For mind and body, for food or flowers – the time to start an at-home garden is now. Look to Gisele and Carolyn for your garden inspiration.

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The clean dirts

You’ve got to get dirty to get clean. Cleanse or exfoliate with these cleansing powders. Smooth sailing.


Rest and repair with Rationale

Niacinamide, magnesium and zinc make this mask the best defence against sun damage and the best way to improve skin’s health. With the added bonus of mica, this mask leaves you with a lasting glow.


Bath and wine time

Harnessing the properties of grape skins, seeds and oils, this bath soak is anti-inflammatory, relaxing and luxurious. The glass is always half full.

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To a tea

These leaves pack a punch. Discover the health benefits of tea with the founder of Edible Beauty, Anna Mitsios.

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I feel the music in you

Play to the beat of your own drum. Kaia and Lily know the meditative powers of playing an instrument – for mind and soul. Music sounds better with you.